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The Automated Trader's Path
The Foundation
What (Automated) Trading is
Trading 101
Trading 101
Level: Beginner
Learn what financial markets are and what trading means
Beat the Markets with Trading Systems
Level: Elementary
Introductory Material on What Automated Trading Is (and What is Not)
The first step to Automated Trading
Master the Code & Go LIVE
Master the Code & Go LIVE
Level: Elementary/Intermediate
Build your Automated Trading Infrastructure.
Learn to use:
- MultiCharts/TradeStation Software
- PowerLanguage/EasyLanguage coding language
- IQFeed datafeed
- Interactive Brokers & other brokers
- VPS (Virtual Private Server)
MT4 & Automated Trading
Level: Intermediate

Learn to use MT4 and the method to develop Trading Systems that allowed me and my students to become World Champions

The Method
How to Develop Trading Systems
Trading Systems Supremacy
Level: Intermediate
How to Develop, Optimize and Backtest a trading strategy

Learn the UNIVERSAL METHOD to build Effective Trading Systems.
Trading System Evaluation
Level: Upper Intermediate

How to Analyze a Trading System to Avoid Software Pitfalls & Psychological Issues, 
and to Determine when to Stop It

Mastering Position Sizing
Level: Upper Intermediate

How to Identify the 
Proper Position Sizing Model to Boost 
your Trading Systems Performance

Automated Trading Mastery
The Final Steps...
Portfolio Secrets
Level: Upper Intermediate/Advanced
How to Properly Manage your Portfolio of Trading System

Level: Advanced

Your Automated Portfolio Manager

Events and other material...
Un Approccio Quantitativo ai Mercati
Level: Upper Intermediate/Advanced

Estratto dagli eventi LIVE 

di Milano del 17 settembre 2016 
di Roma del 1 ottobre 2016
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