From $8 to $1M in a few years with bitcoin?!?

by Andrea Unger

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Hi, from Andrea Unger.

Today, I'm not talking directly about trading but I will talk a bit about advertising, online advertising. Why? Because I want to talk about something that might happen to us.

Because we are interested in trading or we are traders and so when we surf and we browse websites, sometimes we happen to see some ads about trading offers. AdWords is the classical kind of we clearly identify that being a promotion for something.

We are free to accept it or not, have a look or just ignore it. But there is a new way to advertise you, you not really you but it's taking more and more place in the internet, which is part of a family of native advertising, right now please if you are an expert and then say some bullshit please forgive me first and then feel free to comment and to add your personal knowledge about this but I just want to mention this in a general way, because this native advertising presents itself as if it were part of the experience we are going through on the internet.

Just to better explain: let's assume we are reading an article on on a website of some online newspaper, news magazine, and we are reading and you know, at the bottom of the article normally you have links to other articles and you will notice - I'm sure it happened to you because happens to me, - that one of these if not even more point at the some content that is training-related.

I tell you this because in last weeks I often find the link to an article about a mom, family mom, who invested 8 euros, I think, in Bitcoin, i think back in 2011 now the family, all the family are millionaires.

So I mean i can look at that, curious and obviously the article was telling about the story of this mom and then was promoting some different links to education or I don't remember if it was brokerage or things related to Bitcoin obviously.

So I'm not here questioning if this mom exists or not, I hope she exists, I hope she's well, and she all her family are happy with we have millions.

I doubt about that but maybe my fault, my point is: this sort of utter tries because it was, it was advertising, it was linking to commercial initiatives, so this sort of advertising is a mask into something that sounds very trustful is no longer the classical spot telling you "by here...", no, it's just promoting something masked as journalistic reportage so that we feel that there is some inquiry investigation about the content to be sure they are true and reliable, it is presented like that, so we are sort of convinced that being read an article of a news magazine online it's automatically true what is in there, but it is not an article, it's an ad mask is an article.

Let's say that must be cut, must be a bad word, let's say I present it as an article, okay.

So now forgetting one moment about the the contents if they are true or not I'm not here accusing anybody of fraud or lying In front of us, but simply looking at the contents, we have to be careful when we need something that gets us excited like this case could be, we must be careful to how we absorb the contents, because if I read for example: that baker next corner purchased a lottery ticket and won six million dollars, that might be true, of course, but it doesn't mean, but if I'm going to buy the next ticket of a lottery I will get the same result, probably not.

So the same thing happens here: this mom investing in Bitcoin might exist, might have all the millions they are claiming, again, I doubt but it's my fault probably but it does not mean if we go and invest in Bitcoin we obtain the same result because that was a particular situation and We are now in a completely different scenario.

So when we read about trading achievements, we are obviously in pulled by those claiming, that it's easy that it's wonderful, It's not.

Unfortunately, it's not.

So whatever you read please be aware the trading is a risky business, and it's not so easy as sometimes it is presented.

There is no slot machine put throwing money at you in training It has to be done seriously and with strong risk control.

So when you read something read it, enjoy it, but be careful in analyzing it and in digesting it because trading is not so easy as somebody wants you to think.

I know traders, I know the training world training is a serious thing and you have to take it really seriously.

So, guys, that's it for today.

See you next time.

Ciao from Andrea Unger

Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We’ll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.


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