How to become a millionaire in 5 years!!

by Andrea Unger

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Today I want to tell you something that has happened recently to my collaborator Paolo; it will help you understand how having a scientific approach can help you in trading as well as in life ...

I imagine it has happened to you more than a few times to be disturbed on the phone by a brokerage firm's call center ...

Now... A few weeks ago, a young lady from some unknown brokerage firm (but very respectable, certified, licensed for years in the market) calls Paolo and offers him to invest a little, 50 €, and open an account with them, who will follow him step by step in operations ...

Paolo asks her if she has any idea what the average performance of their clients is... He is told that on average the traders who are with them make 1% per day and that he could do it too...!

And then he asks "how scalable is it?" And she says: "up to several million, we trade on forex, which is the most liquid market in the world!"

Now, let's open a small parenthesis and make a couple of calculations...

Let's say I invest € 50 on January 1 of this year ... (I say € 50 because it is usually the minimum that a broker asks you to invest, even if this threshold is gradually rising towards € 250).

1% per day are about 21% per month (on 250 annual scholarship days), as SIMPLE interest ... so my € 50 become around € 60 at the end of January.

After one month, I reinvest my profits and now I work with € 60 ...

I repeat the same thing until the end of the year (21% per month for the remaining 11 months) ... I won't bore you with the numbers ...


Arriving at the end of the year, doing so I have € 484 on my account. A performance of +868%!

In comparison James Harris Simons is a child who plays in the park!

Now, I pay taxes to our beloved government (in Italy today, it is 26% on earnings, that is, € 434 = 484 - 50), and I have € 371 to invest for the new year ...

And I start again ...

At the end of the 2nd year I will have € 2,760.

At the end of the 3rd year I will have € 20,502.

At the end of the 4th year I will have € 152,316.

At the end of the 5th year I will have € 1,131,593 ... !!

As Albert Allen Bartlett said:

"The greatest defect of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."

But whoever loves mathematics like us, understands it! And voila, in 5 years 50 € become more than 1 million!

How is that possible?
The magic of compound interest, or is there something underneath?

Obviously the numbers are correct, apart from one: 1% per day is not sustainable ...

What these brokers propose is "you just open the account and you'll see that you'll make money!" And maybe it's true too ... for a while.

What happens then (as reported by numerous emails that I receive weekly from those who find themselves in these situations) is that afterward, you can NEVER WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY!

As soon as you ask them, whoever follows you disappears ...

And not only that... try to think of someone who is really able to make 1% per day on average ...

In your opinion, starting with € 50, how long does it take to get to € 1 BILLION? I'll tell you: 12 years ...

And if a broker really could promise you 1% a day (after all, as the lady says, the broker gets paid only with commissions!), and if he started with € 50,000 instead of 50 (which seems to me the minimum, him being a broker), in 5 years he would become a BILLIONAIRE.

He would not need to raise money.

He would not need to call you.

He would not need an account manager.

He would not need a call center.

Why invest in a sales structure if you can become a billionaire in 5 years?

Because they don't become billionaires in 5 years... quite the contrary... They live on the commissions and on the money of the customers, which they collect and never return ...

This is the sad truth of most brokers on the market today.

Returning to the call, Paolo told the young lady that if this were the case, she should immediately invest all her assets, wait 5 years, and become a millionaire ... But considering that she had been working there for a while, you get it, right?

Do not be fooled by those who propose exorbitant earnings, especially if they were the ones to call you ...

I will never stop repeating that:

Trading is a job, it's not easy, you have to study! And those who say they make easy money with trading, are either lying, or what they're doing is not replicable.

Unfortunately, trading is not for everyone: you must want to learn, be motivated, be capitalized.

You have to stay at home to study instead of having an aperitif with your friends today, so that tomorrow you can have all the aperitifs you want while the computer is trading for you...

Where do we start, then?

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Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger here and I help retail traders to improve their trading, scientifically. I went from being a cog in the machine in a multinational company to the only 4-Time World Trading Champion in a little more than 10 years.

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