I Don't Have Time To Study Trading!

by Andrea Unger

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Those interested in systematic trading often decide to discard the idea because they think they don't have time ...

But actually time for what? To study or to trade?

This doubt may arise from the fact that it is not clear how long it takes to learn and carry out this profession.

Follow me in this video and I will clear all your doubts about it...


Hi from Andrea Unger.

I have no time!

This is an excuse that sometimes comes out and it's something that most people claim for anything they understand requires some effort.

I have no time. 

I have no time to become a trader or to be a trader.

Be careful!

There's a difference because to be a trader, a systematic trader... what am I doing?

How much time do I spend on systematic trading?

I'm dedicating some time to trading, but actually not that much.

Every day I have supervision of my systems, if everything is fine and I have all automation that advises me if something is going wrong, I get alerts, but generally, I have a look from time to time.

But this is not compulsory, it's something I want to do.

Normally during the month, I have once a month to roll over expiring futures, so I have to change my settings to trade on one future and to change to the following expiration because there is a rollover, this takes 20 minutes of time just to be pessimistic, and once a month, in my case, every first Saturday of the month I dedicate a variable amount of time, from half an hour to a couple of hours to run my software "Titan" which tells me which systems should be active next month.

Then I have to prepare all these systems in the workspace and this is, as I said, a work of a couple of hours, the longest it can take.

So where is the problem of time?

Actually, I would say no problem at all.

How long does it take to become a systematic trader?

But okay to become a trader that takes time, it's true!

But if you reach the point where you ask about the education to become a trader, it means you have an interest in becoming a trader, I think it's normal.

So if you don't consider investing time to become a trader, you don't really want to become a trader.

I mean there might be mentors or programs which promise the moon with no effort.

These are scams because everything requires dedication and effort.

So I'm not telling you that by following the Unger Method you will not need time to build yourself as a trader, that would be a lie.

You need time, you need to study, you need to put effort to build your infrastructure.

But once that is ready, then time will be on your side.

So it's an investment you do at the beginning to be free tomorrow.

This is incredibly important in my opinion.

Of course, you have to find time today, but this is really flexible.

You don't have a specific time on the day when you have to be there to listen to me...no!

Everything is for you, on your pace, you can do it whenever you feel comfortable with.

So you have to find that time for you, because if you don't want to find that and it exists, then you don't want to become a trader, which is perfect, because it's not the doctor telling you, you have to be a trader.

Maybe you realized that you can do it?

But if you have some interest in managing your own finances, you're having your own freedom from trading, then obviously you have to consider some efforts at the beginning, and this is the time requirement which is flexible as said.

But if you're still not convinced, in any case, some time is deserved to be invested in a free call with one of our tutors.

You can register from the link here below.

It's a 45 minutes call, more or less, where you can get all the answers to all your doubts about this adventure, and then you will really know what time is required if it is required and how, and if is something that deserves your attention.

I believe, I strongly believe yes.

In any case, this is really a small commitment, register for the call and you will get an interesting talk with one of our tutors.

That's all, maybe tomorrow you will be with Unger Academy.

Ciao from Andrea Unger.


Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We’ll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.


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