Less Stress and More Free Time: Maurizio's Experience with the Unger Academy Trading Method

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In this interview, Maurizio, one of Unger Academy’s successful students, shares his experience with our training program.

From Maurizio's answers to our questions, it’s clear that before joining the Academy, he had a problem common to many traders: he did not have an effective trading method.

This led him to spend "so much time in front of the screen" and kept him away from his other activities.
Maurizio felt he lacked "a method to run this business efficiently, consistently, and productively."

Until he learned the trading method we teach at Unger Academy, which he describes as a "workable, effective, schematic method."

Indeed, the Unger Method™ has allowed him to take a more efficient approach to trading that significantly reduced both the time he spends in front of the PC and the emotional toll of managing open positions.

Watch the interview now to learn more about Maurizio's experience with our training and how the Unger Method™ helped him become a more effective trader!

Enjoy the video! 😊


Maurizio's journey in the world of trading

Hey everyone, today I'm here with Maurizio, an Unger Academy student since 2020, who is here to tell us about his experience with our training program. Hello Maurizio, how are you?

Hi Chelsi. Very well, thank you, everything's fine!

I'm happy you’re here to share with us a little about your experience with our training program. First, I’d like you to tell us a little bit about yourself, what do you do for a living?

Alright. Well, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for this opportunity because it is always just so interesting to share one's experience and I really hope that it will be useful to other people as well, you know.

My name is Maurizio. I'm from Belluno and was born in Agordo, a town in the heart of the Dolomites. So, you could say that I'm a mountain lover by birth.

Agordo is also famous for the Giro d'Italia, one of the world's most important cycling races, and there are some well-known passes there as well, the Dolomite passes, so I come from that area.

Anyway, I didn't always live in Belluno or Agordo. I moved to Trieste to study engineering, so you could say that my academic background is kind of similar to Andrea's.

I also stayed in Trieste to work for about ten years.

Then I changed my life completely. I moved to London, then to Moscow. I had some experiences abroad, you know, always studying and working.

And then I decided to come back to Italy. My passion for living abroad led me to work as a salesman for some companies, so I then started traveling even more. So, I was lucky and I enjoyed it.

I've always worked as a technician because, let's say, an engineer is typically seen as a technician in the commercial field, more technical-commercial, but always with the goal of selling, let's say.

So, my experience is in this area, let's say, business. But at a certain point, I felt like doing something of my own. And that's when my life as an entrepreneur started, let's say.

And so today, I’ve different activities that I do, also because, let's say, in this day and age, it's always better to have several legs on the table to support the financial part of life.


Exactly. This is a magical word in trading as well. So, again, I’ve got something in common with Andrea, because I know that he was, in the past, involved in the elevator business, which is also a business that I’m in. I'm specialized in occupational safety.

Then I have a company in America where we invest in real estate. And for a couple of years, I've also been trading, which I now consider part of my business.

I got into trading out of curiosity because a university friend had a family misfortune. His father passed away, and he had to manage, at the age of 22-23 years old, all the family assets, which was very important because it was his father’s job.

And one evening, I remember at dinner, he showed me that he was buying and selling stocks. He started talking to me about things like that, which were unknown to me because I come from the world of electronics, a completely different world.

And I was blown away, let's say. Then it gradually disappeared until when in 2016, I said, "wait, let's look into this world a little bit," and I decided to follow my first trading course.

And basically, this love at first sight, let's say, has proven to be lasting love, because since then, I've continued this activity by doing courses and studying online, and now you can find so much online. And so I've also become an entrepreneur in the trading sector, which I still consider a job.

That’s a bit of my story here, who I am and what I do.

Maurizio's problem before joining Unger Academy

Great, great! What problem did you have before you joined our program?

As I said, I've always seen trading as a business in its own right, you know, as a job. And also, coming from the corporate world, I was missing a little bit, let's call it a production model, a working method to do trading.

Because all the courses that I used to do, they always made me sit in front of the computer for many hours, looking at candlesticks, charts, indicators, doing crazy calculations, down to the millimeter, whether the candlestick went up a little bit or whether it went down a little bit... But it just didn't feel like the right way, you know.

I was spending so much time in front of the screen, and it was also taking me away from my other activities, so I felt like something was wrong, and I was really looking for a... Let's call it, a business model, if that's an acceptable definition, even though it's strange to use such words in the world of trading. Still, I really lacked a method to be able to run this business efficiently and consistently, and also productively.

It’s a bit like an assembly line. To make something, you have first to turn this screw, then that screw, then this other screw.

I used to make all kinds of mistakes when I was trading, and those mistakes made me earn a lot one day and lose a lot the next day, so I was inconsistent. And I knew that I needed a model to find consistency.

So, it was Andrea's method that was missing.

Yes, exactly. Exactly.

Why he decided to join the Unger Academy program

And why did you decide to join our program and not another program?

Well, let's put it this way, at some point, your program even appeared to me in my dreams, because I could see it everywhere.

As soon as I turned on the computer, the program advertisement appeared, and there was a video or something. So, let's say, it was a massive presence.

But, all jokes aside.... When I realized that I was looking for something like this business model, I asked myself some questions and looked at the whole situation from a scientific perspective.

We know that 80% of traders lose. This is, let's say, a fact because, even if you open the portals of the brokers, who are required by law to indicate the percentage of average losers in their client base, on average, 80% are losers.

And so, given these considerations, what is the remaining 20% earning? Fortunately, I saw a video of Andrea where he explained precisely this, and it came when I was wondering about these things here.

And Andrea, with numbers in hand, so a scientific analysis, and not bar talk, explained the different numbers.

So, he said that 80% of those trading loses when using these methods, and 20% who make a profit use these other methods. Of that 20%, a small percentage still uses other methods, and Andrea's method is one of them. So that was, let’s say, an answer to my question at that time.

And then that’s probably...


A way... Well, fate, exactly! After that, we know that Andrea was a 4-times World Trading Champion, so I looked to see what the other world champions were doing, what kind of trading were they doing, and I saw that many follow, let's say, Andrea's method, so they’re also working with automated systems.

The icing on the cake was the honesty that I saw in Andrea's group, in terms of profits as well, in the sense that he didn't promise 100% per month, guaranteed.

No, he honestly said, numbers in hand, look, I lost this month, this month I gained instead.

So also, this honesty here, I think, isn’t so easy to find, so it led me to say, yes, maybe I am in the right place.

How the program really helped him (an efficient work and trading method)

Great! Was there anything in particular about our program that helped you? I mean, why was it so effective?

Well, absolutely, yes. While studying Andrea's method step-by-step, I realized that he actually gives a working method because he tells you, take this, do this, study it like this, backtest. So basically that was the solution that I was looking for, the production model that I needed, let's say, and that was my main problem with trading at that time.

All the things that you teach have a logical thread... let's say, a sequence or a pattern that very much matched – or rather matches because I’m still a student anyway, in addition to being a trader, let's say… So applying the method in live trading, I still study because it's a world... you know, it's a pretty fascinating world, but it's also an infinite world.

And so, I had found that beneficial, you know. Among other things, that's a method that comes from planet Earth, not like those guru things that tell you to do 70 billion calculations and... No, this is a workable, effective, schematic method of working that's helped me and created a habit.

So, today when I sit down and trade, I have habits that I think bring a little bit of success, because it’s typically like that, right?

Doing and repeating, doing it wrong, understanding why you did it wrong, doing it again, and so on. So, we are creatures of habit because we get up, have breakfast, get the car, go to work, and repeat. And even, to be honest, this thing here has helped me a lot, you know.

Awesome! So, what results did you get after you learned the method and the methodology that you studied in the different modules of the program?

So, look, to make a joke, the first result is I gained insight. In the sense that I'm no longer sitting in front of the computer going crazy and looking at that millimeter of the candlestick where it's going.

But apart from that, which changed my way of working quite a lot, a huge advantage was that I had less stress. I also mean positive stress. You know, the burden of doing messy trading in a home-style or artisanal way.

Above all, if I’m going to be honest, the stress of a profitable trade, because when you have an open position and you're gaining, and maybe you have a target that's close by. You're aiming at it, but then you start losing ground because the market is like that, that's when the stress is very high because you don't know what to do, whether to close, whether to leave, whether to... On the other hand, when you have a losing trade, you already feel like you’ve suffered a loss. If you have your stop, well, you know that's the limit and okay.

The fact that you lose something that's potentially there and that you can gain is a stress that took a lot out of me. Because now, let's say, I leave it up to the machine, it knows what to do, I’ve given it the instructions, I've decided everything beforehand, and so I don't even look at it. Let's say that I just let things go as they've been organized and planned.

That's the biggest gain, in my opinion, which is a no small matter from a psychological perspective.

Maurizio's advice

Nice. Finally, I’m going to ask you, what would you say to people watching this interview and maybe still undecided about whether or not to join the program?

So, regarding the undecided, it would be essential to understand the level of indecision, whether they are firmly or only a little uncertain.

However, I would invite those who are undecided to understand the reason for their indecision, that is, what is the thing that prevents them, let's say, from jumping in, okay? In my opinion, it's a leap because then you’ll find everything we've said.

It’s essential to understand this and look for answers that can be found in the materials provided in the program because it's really a lot.

At the beginning, you can find the free stuff, from Andrea's book, all the videos, reviews... You can also ask to be contacted by the team, who are super helpful H24/7, with basically someone there who are ready to give you the answer. In short, there is a lot of material that you can go through and try to solve this doubt.

And then, try to understand the path you want to take. If you want to become a professional footballer, earlier I was talking about football with some friends, I'm not a football expert, but if I wanted to learn football, I'd certainly… well, I wouldn’t ask Ronaldo, because he might not even open the door, but still I'd go to someone who I know is very good, not someone who just says they are very good, right?

I would like to see that they are good and Andrea, well, you can see what he did and what he is doing.

And so, being mentored by someone who has already done this and who is an expert, knows where you can get hurt, where you can go wrong, and who can give you the right direction.

Because besides Andrea, there's also your team who, as operational “students,” did the program as well, so they know the problems that you can encounter, you know, all that stuff.

And at a certain point, I would also advise to trust because you feel the instinct and just go for it without overthinking.

Well, if the doubt is considerable, well just remove it. If the doubt is small, I would say, look, don't worry. I mean, I've heard so many people who were happy and positive about this program. Many have been in your place before you.

Excellent, Maurizio, it's been a pleasure, and thank you so much for your time.

Thank you so much, Chelsi. It was a pleasure for me too. I hope it is useful for someone.

Yes, of course. Happy trading!

Thank you very much. Happy trading to you too and say hello to the team!

Excellent! Thank you.

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