Marathon, Dieting and Trading

by Andrea Unger

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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger! Today, I'd like to draw a comparison between three things of which I have first-hand experience: marathon training, dieting and trading. What do they have in common?

Counting on an Expert

What do marathon, dieting and trading have in common? That they are all painful!

Okay, I am just kidding of course. The main thing they have in common is that, in order to succeed in each of them, you need to follow a proper plan that was possibly prepared together with somebody who knows about either marathon training, dieting principles and trading.

You need someone who can help you and you have to stick to the plan with patience.

When I prepared for my only marathon, some years ago, I asked Orlando Pizzolato for his help – he had won the New York Marathon twice – and stuck to the plan he prepared for me.

He also followed me throughout the training. That helped me enormously, because I knew I could count on somebody who had been able to do it, who has the necessary knowledge and who had already experienced what he told me to do.

This is very important, because it means that this person knows how you feel when you run and feel exhausted and sore all over.

Having a plan and working hard throughout it is essential in both marathon training, dieting and trading.

For instance, you can't imagine losing weight in one week just going on a miracle diet! You know that if you really want to lose weight in a decent way, you have to go through a period of serious diet and – this is even more important – to be helped by somebody who knows a lot about nutrition, because if you do it wrong, you might obviously have some problems.

Marathon, Dieting and Trading Are All Very Popular

Many years ago, nobody could even imagine about running a marathon. Now, everybody is running a marathon and the marathon is everywhere. Even when they run five miles in a lost village in Oklahoma, they call it a marathon.

They don't know what a real marathon is, so many people go for real marathons without knowing what it's all about. They just go and then run into problems.

So, all these pieces of information, or rather all this advertising, attracted many people to the marathon world.

The same happened in trading, and in trading, too, those who don’t have the necessary knowledge run into problems.

In the marathon, people might experience physical and health issues or, more in general, they may not succeed in reaching the finish line. In trading, people lose their money.

I stuck to the plan and worked hard to reach my goal, which was running the marathon in less than three hours. In spite of all my efforts, it took me 3:05:27" t finish the race. I didn't reach my goal, but I got quite close to it, so I was very happy.

Realistic and Unrealistic Expectations

I had some troubles during the plan, but I could count on a reliable person who helped me change the plan with another one that would still train me to reach the same goal.

This also happens in trading and dieting. I'm not an expert in weight-loss diets - I followed many of them, but I'm a real disaster in this field. I don't stick to the plan, I admit it, but I know that if I did, I would have succeeded.

Like in marathon training, when you are on a weight-loss diet you must pay attention to your body’s response to it. It’s possible that your body responds better to a certain kind of food, rather than to others, so everything has to be analyzed by an expert.

When it comes to expectations, there are some differences between running, dieting and trading.

When I trained for the marathon, I never thought I could beat the world record. And I suppose that none of you, even if you are experienced runners, ever imagined beating the world record.

In trading, instead, people want to get 100% returns every month. How is it possible that people don’t believe in unrealistic perspectives in marathon, but they do it in trading?

As for weight-loss diets, they are quite different, in that if you follow them for some time, you get immediate satisfaction.

Let's say that your goal is losing twenty pounds. It often happens that when you lose just three pounds you are already happy. You start feeling slim, you change your dresses and stop the diet because you feel you are in shape now.

Things are quite different in trading. When you start making money, you want to make more money.

In Marathon Training, Dieting and Trading, You Must Always Stick to the Plan

In general, if you do not stick to a plan, you can run into some serious trouble. In marathon, this means that you won’t be able to finish the race. In weight-loss diets, you may eat in a wrong way and have some health issues. In trading, you may lose your money.

The only solution is counting on an expert and sticking to a good plan.

You also need to be patient, because such things take time. Results cannot come immediately. When time passes, you won’t even notice that it passed so fast, but before you start, the path looks very long.

Just take the first step, be patient and you may achieve what you are looking for.

Of course, as you don't expect to be the world record of the marathon and you don't expect to get in shape like a model, you shouldn’t expect to become the next Soros in trading, because this is an unrealistic expectation.

Try to do things the best way you can, based on your skills, whether it is marathon, diet (my skills are very weak here) or trading.

That's it guys, I hope it helped.

Write your comments about your weight-loss diets!

Ciao from Andrea Unger.

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We’ll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.


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