Market Update: Positive Gains for Stock Indexes, Setback for Bonds, Bitcoin Slows Down

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The week that just ended was pretty quiet for equity indexes, which closed with positive returns and very low levels of volatility in both the short and long term.

Subdued movements were recorded for most asset classes, except perhaps for soft commodities, with Coffee rising more than 7% and Sugar nearly 5%.

Among the markets ending the week on the downside are bonds and Natural Gas, which continues to fall, reaching new lows.

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Hey everyone and welcome back. One of the coaches at Unger Academy here, and this is the usual chat that we have every weekend about the market trends over the past week.

Alright, so this was a positive week for stock indexes.
The Mini SP 500 is up by +1.85%.
The Nasdaq is even better, up +3.18%.
In contrast to previous weeks, European stock indexes did a little less well.
The EuroStoxx gains +1.01% and the Dax +0.43%.

On the bond front, we see only negative signs.
The T-Bond is down by -0.67%.
The U.S. ten-year bond is also down -0.52%.
As well as the German Bund, also down -0.67%.

As for energy markets, the most relevant news is the continued decline in the price of Natural Gas, which continues to record new lows.
Right now, it’s down to $2.85 compared to the $11 it reached last summer.
That certainly is good news for the economic world.
Gasoline, also on the downside this week, losing -0.31%.
Heating Oil is down -2%.
While, on the other hand, Crude Oil is up by +0.63%.

All negative values are recorded in the Metals sector.
Platinum stands out with -3.2%.
Copper is near parity, although it has gained over +10% in the last month.
While Gold is close to parity.

The meats, let's take a look at that, are all positive this week.
Lean hogs is up +1.40%.
Feeder Cattle up +1.11%.

On the Soft commodities side, Coffee stands out and tries to rebound, gaining +7.84% this week.
Sugar is on the rise, +4.91% from the previous week.

As far as Grains are concerned, there is nothing special to report. We see them all in positive territory except for Soybean Oil, which loses -2.24%.

As for the currencies, we see some mixed returns. Nothing noteworthy to report except the Australian Dollar up +1.80%.
Euro-dollar loses -0.11%, and right now, it is at 1.0879.

So let’s and close as always with Bitcoin, which after a couple of lively weeks, registered this week a +2.57%.
Somewhat subdued, but consolidating around $23,000, compared to the $16,000 range in which it has plunged in recent weeks.

As far as volatility is concerned, we’re seeing absolute lows in the equity indexes, both in the short and the long term.

Let’s also look, as usual, at the volatility term structure.
Right now, we are in what I would call a mixed situation in the sense that the 9-day index has crossed the one-month index and roughly coincides with the 3-month index of the VIX.

However the VIX values are currently very low, around 18, which makes us think that financial traders are not seeing any particular danger in the markets at the moment.

Turning to the rollover calendar, there are no rollovers for next week.
The next rollovers are scheduled for February, from 6 to 10, and will regard some soft commodities, but I will tell you more about that next week.

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Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

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