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Hi guys, ciao from Andre Unger.

I have here this magazine which is not yet out there in the English language, but it will be there in the future, so keep on waiting, but you will get it.

This is a specific magazine on automated trading.

In this magazine, there are also articles about options, option trading.

They are not written by myself because obviously, I'm not expert enough to write valuable material about this kind of trading, maybe I will be in some time, but by some colleagues who have proved to know what they are telling about.

Domenico Dall'olio specifically here, but also Francesco Placci, some of you might know him from Cracking volatility material where we joined our efforts to produce some knowledge about that, but in any case, he's an expert in options.

The question is double now: why do you allow in your magazine, because this is Unger Academy material, do you allow articles about options and what is your personal point of view about trading in options, do you do it?

I can tell you that many years ago, before even participating or before even knowing the existence of the World Cup Trading Championship, I was trading with some friends and one of them who is an expert in options said that I should trade options because of my numerical mind I would probably find a good field in options.

I think he was right, it doesn't mean I'm a good trader in options, it means that I love everything related to this fascinating area.

I understand that there is much more than in many other trading fields and I understand that the structures inside these markets are really interesting, but the structures have to be considered, by myself at least, numerical and to be so they need to be analyzed with numbers and backtested.

You need statistical evidence of what you could do to work before doing it and that's the reason why I allow it in the systematic magazine because I see it's systematic.

It doesn't mean it needs to be completely automated, the orders have to go on their own.


It simply means that there is a number giving you the okay to do what you want to do and being numbers at the basis of your decisions, is systematic trading.

So there is a clear reason why these articles about options are inside a systematic trading magazine which is all of Unger Academy.

I myself do trade options, not too much so far, but I love that and I love the opportunities that can be there and how they were born and how they evolved.

This study is something that I really love, I'm happy to cooperate with people who are experts in options because having them just next to me, it means that I can rely on them when I need some info.

When I study new things and I find something which looks interesting, the first thing I think, and I think it's the same for you, is: okay what's wrong in here and where is the trick?

This trick can be easily discovered by these people who are experts and not easy for me, so I need to know if what I read has some strong evidence or it is just some scam which is trying to mislead me and to get my money.

These people help me, so having an expert next to you is always a big help to understand if there is something tricky or something that could work.

So my learning curve in options trading is going on, these people help me, but why?

Why don't I just simply trade with my trading systems?

Because I am passionate about trading and numbers, so the reason why I explore other fields is just that I like to learn new things, I like to have something new which can help me in diversifying my approach, so I have a double benefit.

I learn something I like and I have a benefit in my trading portfolio, having new material that can diversify in a completely different way, such as options, my trading systems or my other approaches.

That's the reason why I have options articles in my magazine, it will be there in English in some future, so stay tuned, I will tell you when it's available and it's the reason why I personally trade options and I like to understand what's behind them.

I hope this answers to those who ask me if I trade and why I trade options.

If not, feel free to comment and ask and I will go deeper in detail in my answers.

That's it guys, see you next time, ciao from Andrea Unger.

Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger

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