Portfolio Results: +$15,000 in 30 days with 4 Trading Systems on Energy Futures

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In this video, we present 4 strategies from our portfolio that have earned an impressive $15,000 in the last month!

They operate on energy futures (RBOB Gasoline and Heating Oil), and as you will notice, they are taking great advantage of the market movements at this time.

Watch the video now to learn more about the performance net of fees and slippage!

Enjoy 😉



Hello, and welcome back. One of the coaches at Unger Academy here, and as usual, today we will evaluate the strategies in our portfolio that have performed the best over the last period.

In recent months, one of the most buoyant sectors has been the energy sector, in particular strategies on the RBOB Gasoline and Heating Oil, another type of fuel, have performed exceptionally well.

So, in this MultiCharts workspace, we see some strategies taken from Andrea Unger's personal database.

RBOB Gasoline and Heating Oil, as mentioned earlier, have made some nice and potentially interesting moves for us systematic traders.

Now let's see how some of these strategies have worked out.

First strategy

First, let's look at Strategy No. 303, which has done some excellent trades in recent weeks.

The strategy makes big trades and therefore allows for larger gains.

We can see here that this long trade closed with a profit of $1,800.

And this previous short position was also closed with a profit of $1,800.

These tests added commission costs and slippage of $40 per trade, equivalent to about 10 ticks in this market.

Here in the trade list, we can analyze the above trades in more detail.

This earlier Buy had also generated profits of over $3,000, so it's a strategy that has been performing well over the last period.

The average trade of the system is also considerable and is over $350.

The equity line of the strategy is pretty good and is very close to the highs of the equity in the last period.

Second strategy

Strategy No. 309 has also been performing well too.

This trend-following strategy opens and closes the trades within the same session and has made good gains in recent weeks.

The last six trades have yielded profits of $500, which are the product of the sum of the previous six trades.

Of course, this is already net of the commissions and the slippage costs that we would have pay when working live with this strategy.

The system's equity line is continuing to grind out profits with good consistency over time.

Third strategy

Even Strategy No. 349, this time developed on the Heating Oil market, has also recorded excellent trades in recent months.

In this case, the strategy keeps the positions open for several days, allowing for trades that are indeed larger.

We see, in particular, these last two entries, one closed on July 7, and the other is still in progress.

These two trades have brought in profits of more than $6,000.

We can also look at the details in the trade list.

The trade open at this point shows a profit, an open profit, of about $1,700.

The trade closed on July 7, on the other hand, as mentioned, showed a gain of more than $4,600.

As for the equity line, of which we caught a quick glimpse earlier, the curve is very positive and even in the last months and years the strategy has been behaving very well and following the positive trend it shown during the in-sample period.

In this case, the average trade of the system is $508, which is more than 100 ticks, again taking into account 10 ticks of commissions and slippage.

And as we have seen, the equity line is also on the equity peaks.

Fourth strategy

Finally, let's also look at another strategy, this one, which is Strategy No. 107.

We'll go back to the RBOB market.

This strategy is intraday and opens and closes its positions within a few hours.

So, it executes many more transactions than the previous strategy.

But the size of the trades will be smaller in this case.

The strategy's taken home $1,300 in the last six trades, a good result for less than two weeks of trading.

Looking at the equity line of this strategy, we see that we are back to the highs of the period.

And again, this shows the consistency of the equity line. Even though it was in an out-of-sample period, and we had difficult years like 2020 with the pandemic, this strategy continued to make gains.


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Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

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