The Trading Show -  (Week 06 2021) Mean reverting on Bitcoin Futures?

by Francesco Placci

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In this video, we're going to cover:

  • Markets: Energy sector on the rise
  • Our portfolio: Mini S&P future flies
  • Tip of the week: Mean reverting on Bitcoin Futures?
  • The Weekly Rollovers

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Francesco Placci

Hi, I'm Francesco Placci, a professional trader since 2005 thanks to the systematic approach to the markets.

My skills range from trading on index futures to bonds, from stocks to commodities, with a particular focus on volatility and options, which I consider to be among the most versatile and fascinating instruments available to traders.

After an experience with leading Italian credit institutions where I learned the basics of institutional finance, I became a successful independent trader, with great personal satisfaction.

Founder of, in 2019 I joined Unger Academy as head of Research and Development.