How to unmask a trading scam

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Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger... it's a scam, it's a scam!!!

Well, this is a scam!

I sometimes find comments on the internet, below my videos, not necessarily these videos on the social networks, but also here in some cases I find comments which are embarrassing, not embarrassing for me but, for the level of the contents which clearly shows that the people commenting have no real idea of how financial markets work, they have no real experience, and they just talk.

This is not really a problem.

I have also some other videos where, in spite of all the activity I am doing trying to keep you away from trading, I propose material for those who still want to become traders and these are Ads or promotional videos and there, sometimes, I find comments such as: "Don't believe him, it's a scam, it doesn't work, he only wants your money" some bad words as "go to work instead of defrauding people out there!"

I mean, I'm not happy about people attacking me, but this is normal. On the other side, I am opened for these kinds of accuses because I think they can help other people, but they have to be properly constructed.

So if anybody out there knows the reason of a scam or something, he should detail this!

That's good because I can obviously argue, I can explain that I've nothing to do with that kind of scam, but that is useful for anybody coming across and reading that.

Just reading he's a scammer, it's a fraud doesn't really lead anywhere in my opinion.

Unfortunately, these people probably had some bad experience and now whatever they see in the trading environment they attack it.

This is normal, I'm sorry about that, but if you want to really help other people let's try to point out what might be wrong.

On my side I can tell you that you should be careful about everybody promising incredible performance, anybody promising financial freedom just with a couple of hours lessons, anybody promising incredible performance if you give him or her your money, sort of investment which is never very clear, but they ask for your money and then they come back with promises of incredible performance.

When you find these kinds of offers, then you really have to be careful because most often those are scams, but if you find an offer for education, again look what's behind that.

I mean, I don't promote myself now, but in general, terms look for somebody who has proven that what he is teaching works or worked at least in the past, I mean nobody can guarantee the future this is normal in life not in trading only.

Try also to look for something that is not interpretable, but replicable.

I mean if I'm the Guru and I'm teaching you some specific set-ups and then if you fail I can blame you because you didn't properly interpret the set-up, because your psychology was weak, because you did not really consider the specific type of environment you were in that specific time and blah blah blah... then you might fail as much as you can, but it will always be your failure and never mine, just because my teachings were not black or white!

They were grey and that grey shadows allowed me to stay on the right side blaming you and claiming that you did the mistakes.

Obviously, this kind of material is always dangerous, because if we don't have a clear idea about what to do, clear means you have to do this and then you might see some results but it is not because of your psychology or so.

Obviously, if you really make a mess it's another story.

There is still something on top of it as talent, fantasy, whatever you want but that's on top of it.

The method must be clear, it must be black or white, then you can add your specific talent, your experience or whatever.

It's like the driving license, we all can get the driving license, but only some can go to Formula One and win all the Grand Prix out there.

Some of us will be driving in the crowded city and maybe with a hat on the head be blamed to be dangerous drivers.

That's normal, but the rules, the accelerator, the brake and so on are clear, defined and then somebody can become a better driver, somebody will never learn enough and will still be dangerous maybe out there for himself or for the others, but you need clearly defined rules.

So I am more than open to discuss this.

I invite you to write in the comments below the video your personal experiences, your thoughts and if you have doubts about me or about somebody, I mean not naming them but about some method or about some offer you received or things like that, we can discuss it.

Maybe we discover that there is a very good offer out there, maybe we can prevent somebody from being defrauded by some scam out there.

I'm open to discussing, but please let's do it in a way that is a benefit for all the others reading, not just claiming "You Beep, go to work!".

I'm working, this is my job, obviously, there are better jobs out there, some higher level jobs, good for the society, but this is my job.

I'm sorry if you don't like it, but I'm working believe me, and I put my efforts and my skills in my job.

So I'm working and if you have to discuss this, do it, but let's do it openly and let's have a debate where we really discuss, and not just scream because screaming doesn't lead anywhere, discussing maybe can help some others listening or reading through a discussion.

That's all, folks! :-)

Ciao from Andrea Unger.

Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger

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