Trader of the Month (April 2024): Enrico Wins with Almost €110,000 Gained in 30 Days! Here's How

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In this video, we introduce Enrico, our Trader of the Month for April, who made an incredible €108,900 in just 30 days, with a remarkable +22% return and a drawdown of -9.6%.

This is a truly impressive achievement, especially considering that higher capital makes it harder to achieve such significant returns!

Enrico clinched the contest by trading futures using a portfolio of 30 strategies from the Unger Academy® databases, focusing on spread trading.

Want to learn more? Don’t miss our in-depth video on the Trader of the Month results!

In the video, we’ll dive deep into Enrico’s trading performance and also spotlight two other traders who achieved outstanding results:
•Riccardo, who earned €10,100 with a nice +29% return
•Melvin, a previous winner, who secured $15,660 with a +25% return

Remember, the "Trader of the Month" contest is exclusive to Unger Academy® students, rewarding the top performer in live trading each month with a €2,000 Amazon gift card (click here if you want to learn more about the contest).

Watch the video to discover:
•How Enrico won the “Trader of the Month” title
•Detailed insights into the trading performances of Enrico and the other top traders
•The markets they traded, the strategies they used, and their risk profiles
•Their top tips for aspiring live traders

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Introduction + What is the Trader of the Month

Hello and welcome to this brand-new video. Today, we’re going to be diving into the results of our Trader of the Month contest for April.

We’ll reveal which student achieved the top performance and take a look at those who, even if they didn’t win, still delivered impressive results.

Moreover, we’ll share practical tips based on our traders’ live experiences from the past month.

We’ll explore what worked best and see if it’s possible to replicate these strategies in our live trading.

For those who don’t know, the Trader of the Month contest is exclusive to Unger Academy students. By participating, you can submit your live results and compete for a €2,000 Amazon gift card.

Riccardo, who earned €10,097 (with a return of 29.09%)

But let’s get started with Riccardo’s statement. Last month, he earned €10,097, a 29.09% return, with a high drawdown of 20.08%.

Achieving this level of performance while controlling drawdowns is no easy feat.

So, Riccardo, I must say that in spite of your high drawdown, you did an outstanding job.

In this chart, we see that the equity line performed well until mid-month before declining and closing at around 30%, precisely 29.09%.

The main contributors to this performance were Nasdaq and Gold.

Melvin, who earned €15,660 (with a return of 24.88%)

Now, let’s look at the next statement from Melvin, our seasoned contender who has already won this contest two times.

This month, he excelled again, achieving a 24.88% return, equal to $15,660, with a very low drawdown of 7.23%.

This proves that consistent, diligent work pays off. Great job, Melvin.

As shown here, Melvin’s portfolio is highly diversified, and his equity line remained steady until mid-month, then dropped, closing around a 25% return.

Enrico , the winner, who earned €108,939 (with a return of 21.8% and a drawdown of 9.61%)

Now, let’s move on to the winner of the April’s contest, Enrico.

Enrico’s performance was fantastic, earning €108,939 in one month, a 21.8% return, with a drawdown of 9.61%.

This is a remarkable achievement, as we all know that as capital increases, maintaining such performance becomes more challenging.

Well done, Enrico, you’ve done an excellent job.

Although the equity line wasn’t the most regular, it still closed at the highs by month’s end, showing an incredible performance.

The main assets contributing to this result, both positively and negatively, were primarily cocoa, as well as sugar… but cocoa is the main one, indicating a spread trading strategy, and this isn’t the only spread trading strategy in Enrico’s account, as we’ll discuss further.

Enrico has been a student of the Unger Academy for over three years but has only been trading live since January 2023.

He is an entrepreneur, and due to work commitments, it took him longer to start applying the Unger Method.

One of the most appreciated and used tools by Enrico is the Strategy Checker, a software we developed to monitor your trades even when you’re away from your screen.

The Strategy Checker sends push notifications to your smartphone about all changes and open positions on your trading account.

Currently, Enrico’s portfolio consists of 30 strategies, all from the databases provided by the Unger Academy.

He hasn’t developed his own strategies yet but focuses on selecting the best ones among those available.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, he engages in spread trading using mechanical setups with the MultiCharts platform, previously backtested on SeasonAlgo to identify the best seasonal market opportunities.

Enrico doesn’t yet use our Titan software for portfolio construction and management, though he mentioned it’s a next step. As of now, he still manually selects the strategies for the upcoming quarter. So he does this selection process quarterly.

What assets does Enrico trade? Given his account size, he trades all large contract futures for maximum diversification.

His risk profile is medium-high, as even small drawdowns can significantly impact his capital, being it pretty large.

An interesting point Enrico shared is the importance of discipline. Initially, he was an undisciplined trader and compared theoretical system performance with actual trading performance, skewed by human intervention.

For example, he would let a losing trade run or close a profitable position prematurely.

Enrico found that this comparison was losing 90% of the time.

So, based on this evidence, he became more disciplined, and his results improved.

I asked Enrico for advice for those about to start live trading. He suggests going live as soon as possible, but not in paper trading. He believes it’s better to trade with real money but risk little capital to ensure drawdowns are psychologically manageable, avoiding mistakes and human interventions.

Thank you, Enrico, for your insights and congratulations again on your performance.

You’ve won the €2,000 Amazon gift card as April’s Trader of the Month.


If you aim to achieve results like these with your live trading and would like to participate in this exclusive contest for Unger Academy students, for a chance to win a €2,000 Amazon gift card each month, click the link below.

You’ll be directed to a page with the contest rules, and from there, you can book a free strategic consultation with one of our tutors to get all the information that you need.

That’s all for today, and I look forward to seeing you next month.

Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

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