Trader of the Month (May 2024): Francesco Earns €14,500 with a +35% Return! Here's How

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In this video, we talk in detail about Francesco, our Trader of the Month for May, who earned €14,574 last month, achieving a +35% return with a very low drawdown of -3.5%.

Francesco started trading live in January 2024, and to win the contest, he traded Micro Futures using a portfolio of 9 strategies from the Unger Academy®’s Million Dollar Database.

In today's video, we will discuss his trading performance in detail, along with the impressive results of two other standout traders:
-Emanuele, with a profit of almost €5,500, a +40% return, and a -11.5% drawdown.
-Andrea, with a profit of over €5,700, a +32.5% return, and a -6.40% drawdown.

We remind you that the contest is reserved for Unger Academy® students and rewards the participant who achieved the best live trading performance during the reference month with a €2,000 Amazon gift card (click here if you want to learn more about the contest).

By watching the video you'll discover:
•How Francesco won the "Trader of the Month" contest
•Detailed insights into the trading performances of Francesco and the other standout traders
•The markets they traded, the strategies they used, and their risk profiles
•Their tips for those starting with live trading

Enjoy! 😉

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Introduction + What is the Trader of the Month

Hello and welcome to this brand-new video. Today, we're diving deep into the results of our Trader of the Month contest for May.

We'll highlight the student with the most impressive performance and also recognize those who, even though they didn't win, still achieved notable results.

From this, we'll share some practical tips based on the experiences of our live traders in the markets.

We'll see what worked best and explore if it can be replicated for our live trading.

Remember, the Trader of the Month contest is exclusively for Unger Academy students. Participants can submit their live results and compete to win a €2,000 Amazon voucher.

Emanuele, who earned €5,458 (with a return of 39.77%)

Let's start with Emanuele, who earned €5,458 last month, which is a fantastic performance of 39.77%, with a somewhat high drawdown of 11.46%, but it’s proportional to the gains.

The instruments traded were mainly Micro Nasdaq, Micro S&P 500, and Micro Dax.

As shown in this graph, the equity line performed excellently until mid-month, then declined and slightly recovered at month's end.

It's unfortunate about the dip because we would have seen truly incredible performances.

Andrea, who earned €5,723 (with a return of 32.49%)

Next is Andrea, who earned €5,723 last month, achieving a return of 32.49%, with a slightly lower drawdown of 6.40%.

His equity line also rises well until mid-month, then declines in the last part. What a shame!

Andrea focused on Micro Nasdaq, Micro Gold, and Copper.

Great job, Andrea.

Francesco , the winner, who earned €14,574 (with a return of 35.12% and a drawdown of 3.54%)

Now, let's look at the winner, Francesco.

His equity line is very smooth and closes at the highest levels.

His performance was 35.12% with a very low drawdown of 3.54%.

In monetary terms, Francesco's gain was €14,574.

Excellent job, Francesco, and congratulations on winning the contest and the €2,000 Amazon voucher.

As usual, I asked Francesco some questions. He's been a student of the Unger Academy for less than a year, starting in July 2023, though he began studying in September.

He quickly followed our training program and went live by January 2024.

When I asked him about his live trading experience beyond this month, he confirmed that he has already more than repaid the cost of the program. This makes me very happy, Francesco.

Francesco is a business consultant with an economic background that helped him in market study. He is very satisfied, particularly with the support from our Dedicated Coaches, also known as CSMs.

Our dedicated coaches follow new students step-by-step for the first few months to get them live as soon as possible, and he is satisfied with the assistance we offer at Unger Academy.

He currently has a portfolio of nine strategies, all taken from the Unger Academy's databases, particularly the Million Dollar Database.

Additionally, he has two proprietary strategies that he developed but keeps out of sample, observing them to avoid the main risk of developing trading strategies, which is overfitting.

Currently, he does not use Titan. With nine strategies, it is not necessary to use our software for assembling trading system portfolios.

He carefully selects the strategies to use live and personalizes them.

He verifies the parameters and entry conditions, trying to improve them to ensure these filters are stable and can be enhanced.

The underlying assets Francesco uses are micro futures, trading with multiple contracts to equalize the risk for each instrument and each strategy.

He started from the stop losses of each system and then moved to a more efficient mode, equalizing the drawdowns of the individual trading systems within the portfolio.

His portfolio has a medium level of risk, not pushing excessively on leverage.

When I asked him about his experience and the justification for his performance this month, his response was: "I just put into practice what you taught me."

This was the best answer, bringing great satisfaction.

Continuing in this direction, I asked him for advice for those approaching live trading.

His advice was to study a lot to gain internal confidence necessary to manage difficult phases and find the courage to go live.

Often, a hurdle is falling into excessive study and not finding the strength to start live trading.

So, Francesco says: Do you want to trade? Good, study, prepare yourself, and eventually, you have to muster up the courage and start live trading, maybe with a few systems, but it's important to overcome this hurdle.

Another fundamental aspect is money management. Proper money management is absolutely essential for success.

Thank you, Francesco, for your advice and availability, and congratulations again on winning the contest.


Well guys, now it's your turn!

If your goal is to achieve results like those we just saw with your trading, and you'd like to participate in this contest dedicated to Unger Academy students for a chance to win a €2,000 Amazon voucher every month, click the link below.

It will take you to a page where you'll find the contest rules and from there, you can book a free consultation with one of our tutors for all the information you need.

Greetings to all, see you next month with our Trader of the Month results!

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We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

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