Trader of the Month (July): Marco wins with €7,500+ profit in 30 days!

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In this video, we talk in detail about the trading performance of the winner of our "Trader of the Month" contest for July 2023.

The winner is Marco with a profit of over €7,500, a return of +18% on his initial capital and a drawdown of -7%.

The contest is reserved for Unger Academy® students and rewards the participant who achieved the best live trading performance with a €1,000 Amazon gift card (click here if you want to learn more about the contest).

By watching the video, you’ll discover:
-All the details about Marco's trading performance
-On which markets he traded, with what kind of strategies, and with what risk profile
-His advice for those approaching live trading

Enjoy! 😉

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Introduction + What is the Trader of the Month

Hey everyone, and welcome to this new summer video!

Despite the vacation season, we thought it only fair to show you the results of the July Trader of the Month contest for this month, at least as far as the winner is concerned, and we will try to give you some trading tips from his direct experience in the markets.

We want to remind you that the Trader of the Month contest is reserved exclusively for Unger Academy students. Every month they can participate by submitting their live results and competing for a chance to win a €1,000 Amazon voucher.

One of the coaches at the Unger Academy here.

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Marco's performance: €7,546 earned in just one month (with a return of +18%)

So first, let's take a look at Marco's statement. He is this month's winner with a profit of €7,546, corresponding to a return of 18.16% on his initial capital and a very modest drawdown of 7.25%

In this chart, we can see the equity line of Marco's account, which is quite balanced, all things considered.

An excellent first half of the month, a slightly down second half, and a recovery towards the end of the month.

Of course, the comparison with stock indexes, the classic benchmarks, is relentless.

Because when the indexes rose by 4%, Marco gained +18.16%.

As I told you, the drawdown is small at 7.25%, especially if we put it in relation to the return Marco obtained.

And we also see a remarkable Sharpe Ratio of 7.06%.

The main contribution to this performance came from these underlying assets.

The Lean Hogs futures are leading the way, and then we also see positive returns in the Mini Dax, the Mini Nasdaq, and the Mini SP 500.

On the other hand, Micro Crude Oil and Micro Gold underperformed. And I would also like to point out that Marco also traded on one stock, namely Microsoft.

What can I say? Congratulations, Marco! This has been a good month for you, especially considering that the summer months aren’t known to be one of the easiest months for trading.

Really good!!! And so you won our €1,000 Amazon voucher!

How he started trading and his performance since January 2023

And now, let's also have a look at what Marco told us about his experience.

First, I want to thank Marco because although he was on vacation, he was available and agreed to do this short interview with me.

Marco told me he has been an Unger Academy student for about a year. So, I have to say that he's done very well in learning all the lessons that we have taught him in our training program. He learned very quickly and managed to go live in January 2023. And since then, he made an outstanding gain on his total portfolio of +53%.

Previously, Marco told me that he had been a discretionary trader, but he's never been profitable. So, he has also obviously significantly benefited from changing his approach to trading and moving to systematic trading.

Strategies and markets he trades

He currently has a portfolio of 40 strategies that have been developed using either the Unger Method or the database we provide for free to our students. It's called the Million Dollar Database and it's a collection of about fifty strategies that were developed by our coaches and students. It certainly provides a good diversification opportunity for those just starting who don't yet have an extensive portfolio of strategies that give a good market diversification.

So this database can really help those who are approaching live trading in the first few months of their journey.

The instruments used by Marco are micro futures, mainly Crude Oil, Gold, Mini SP, Mini Nasdaq, and Mini Dax.

Lean Hogs, which he defines as being his joy and pain at the same time. And we have seen how it has contributed to the overall performance of his portfolio in July.

And in particular, this is a little bit curious, large-cap stock as well. We saw Microsoft earlier in the portfolio.

It isn't common to trade stocks systematically.

However, it's possible for stocks with high market capitalization.

We have also shown in our YouTube channels simple trading systems and operational tips for large-cap stocks such as Apple, Amazon, etc.

So, it's a different approach that can be quite interesting.

Marco did well live, and we just saw that: 53% since he started live trading.

A tough start + advice for those starting to trade

However, he had some difficulties at the beginning. In fact, and as soon as he got going, he immediately went into drawdown, as it often happens.

He was also working with only one system, which was somewhat of a limitation from a diversification point of view.

Because you know, relying on a single winning horse is known to be quite risky.

He, therefore, advises not to get discouraged and slowly add more systems. In particular, he has done so with the Million Dollar Database to diversify his portfolio better.

His favorite system is the one on Lean Hogs, and it's also one of the first systems he developed, so as I told you, joys and pains.

Because there are high returns but also some risk, especially relative to the size of his portfolio.

His second favorite strategy is a breakout system on the Mini Nasdaq.

I also forgot to mention that Marco uses our proprietary Titan software to manage his portfolio of strategies.

Titan is our software that you can use to optimize your trading system portfolio because it recommends which systems you should use, namely, the best systems for the next month.

Finally, I asked Marco for advice for those who want to get into live trading.

His advice was not to use paper trading at all because, in his opinion, it is very different from real trading, especially from an emotional point of view.

Instead, start slowly with a few systems, maybe not just one as he did, but a handful of systems, because that way, you can learn to manage drawdowns under stress and in a way that is undoubtedly better for those just starting.

And finally, a lot of discipline and not giving up at the first difficulties.

Congratulations again, Marco, for winning the July Trader of the Month contest.


Well, if your goal is to achieve results with your live trading like the ones we just saw from Marco, and at the same time, you want to participate in this contest dedicated exclusively to Unger Academy students for a chance to win a €1,000 Amazon voucher every month, click on the link below.

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See you again next month!

Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

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