Trader of the Month (February 2024): The Winner Is Luca, with a 45% Profit on Micro Futures!

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In this video, we talk in detail about Luca, our February Trader of the Month, who clinched victory with an impressive return of +45%, earnings of nearly €2,000, and a very minimal drawdown of just -2.9%.

Luca began live trading in November 2023, and in just three months, he achieved excellent results by trading a portfolio of strategies on Micro Future contracts for the Nasdaq, Crude Oil, and the S&P500.

In today's video, we'll dive deep into his trading performance and also discuss the achievements of two other traders who have stood out for their excellent results:
-David, with a return of +39%, earnings of over €15,400, and a drawdown of -7%
-Melvin, who previously won the contest in September and December 2023, with a return of +42%, earnings of over €23,700, and a drawdown of -5%

I remind you that the "Trader of the Month" contest is exclusive to students of the Unger Academy® and rewards the participant with the best live trading performance for the month with a €2,000 Amazon voucher (click here to learn more about the contest).

Check out the video right away to discover:
-How Luca won the "Trader of the Month" contest
-Detailed insights into the trading performances of Luca and the two other standout traders
-The markets they traded on, the types of strategies used, and their risk profiles
-Their advice for those new to live trading

Enjoy! 😉

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Introduction + What is the Trader of the Month

Hello and welcome to this brand-new video.

Today, we'll take a look at the February results of our Trader of the Month contest.

We'll see which Unger Academy student achieved the best live trading performance in February, as well as take a look at the performances of those who, even if they didn't win, still achieved respectable results.

We'll also try to share some practical advice derived from our traders' live experiences, to see if they might be useful to us as well.

Just a reminder that the Trader of the Month contest is exclusively for Unger Academy students. This contest allows participants to submit their live trading results every month and compete for a 2,000 euro Amazon voucher.

David, who earned €15,416(with a return of 7.87%)

I'm one of the coaches at Unger Academy, and let's start right away with David's statement. In February, David managed to earn €15,416, which is a 39.09% gain, with a drawdown of just 7.87%, definitely low compared to the performance.

The equity line is, all in all, quite smooth, although I’d say it’s also a bit jittery, which probably means that David pushed the leverage to achieve this type of performance.

The assets he traded were primarily Nasdaq, Crude Oil, Mini S&P, and Live Cattle.

Well done, David, you've achieved some truly remarkable performances.

Melvin, who earned €23,748 (with a return of 5.32%)

Let's now move on to the next statement, which is Melvin's. He's an old acquaintance of ours who has already won this contest.

And this month, he made it into the rankings again with a profit of $23,748, which means an impressive 42.13% on his capital, and a very low drawdown of 5.32%.

The equity line is quite smooth, ending on the period's highs. The assets Melvin traded are quite diverse, including Soybeans, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Yen, Feeder Cattle, Soybean Oil, Silver, and Crude Oil, so he traded with a quite diversified portfolio.

Congratulations, Melvin, you've confirmed your performance this month, showing that you're definitely working in the right way.

Luca, the winner, who earned €1,997 (with a return of 45.35% and a drawdown of 2.91%)

And now, let's move on to the statement from the winner, Luca, who managed to achieve a 45.35% performance this month, amounting to €1,997, with a drawdown of only 2.91%.

Congratulations, Luca, this is an excellent performance! Luca, as we'll see in more detail shortly, has just started trading, so he began with a relatively low capital, which obviously allowed him to push a bit more on the leverage, but such a small drawdown means that he’s definitely worked in the best way.

The equity line is very, very smooth and ends on the period's highs. The assets used by Luca for trading in the last month were the micro Nasdaq, micro Crude Oil, and micro S&P.

He was very kind and answered some questions aimed at understanding a bit more about his story and trading experience.

He's been a student at Unger Academy for just over six months, so really congratulations, because in such a short time you've managed to grasp the basics of the Unger method and go live – he’s been live since November 2023, and immediately had a positive start,
which -- let me say it -- is not at all taken for granted, especially when starting a new approach to trading, as in Luca's case.

He has a technical background, he's an engineer, so this definitely helped him in learning the basics of the method.

He was a discretionary trader before but had difficulty reconciling work and trading, especially because, if I remember correctly, Luca works for a large multinational company, so clearly the time available to spend in front of the monitor is not much.

He has a portfolio of five strategies selected mainly within the Million Dollar Database, which is the database we make available to all our students to help them in the initial phase when they are building their trading strategies, and also from the Unger Strategy Club, so strategies also proposed by us, but appropriately selected and modified by him.

The assets, we've already seen them, are the micro futures, specifically Mini S&P, Crude Oil, and Nasdaq.
His risk profile, as we've seen, was aggressive, and this was allowed by a low capital, which is ideal for starting live trading.

Interestingly, Luca told me that he shares his trading experiences with a study group where he exchanges ideas to possibly build new strategies together or at least help each other in times of possible difficulty that can occur along the way.

He's studying the Titan software, currently, he's not using it yet given the small number of strategies in his portfolio, but he intends to increase his trading capital in the future, and therefore also the number of strategies.

The Titan software is a tool that becomes indispensable when we have a large number of strategies to select and activate for the following month.

I also asked him for advice that he feels he can give to those approaching live trading for the first time, he told me about his experiences, so in his case, he did a very short period of paper trading and then preferred to go live immediately with a low capital.

He started from strategies already developed, as we said, taken from the Million Dollar Database and the Unger Strategy Club, and later intends to develop his own.

Very important, according to Luca, is choosing the right mix, so the optimal mix of strategies.

In fact, he spent most of the time not examining or analyzing the individual strategies, but rather their combination, so the overall portfolio resulting from the combination of these selected strategies.

Congratulations, Luca, so you've won the February contest and the 2,000 euro voucher.


Alright, guys, if your goal is to achieve live trading results like those of Luca, which we just saw, and while doing so, you'd also like to participate in this contest exclusively for Unger Academy students, to have the chance to win a 2,000 euro Amazon voucher every month, click the link below.

It will take you to a page where you'll find the contest rules and from there, if you wish, you can book a free consultation with one of our tutors who will give you all the information you need.

That's all for today! Thanks for following me so far and I'll see you next time!

Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

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