Trader of the Year (2023): Rossella Wins with an Incredible Profit of +82% and a Gain of €16,330!

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In this video, we talk about Rossella, who won the title of Trader of the Year 2023 with an extraordinary performance: a return of +82%, a gain of €16,330, and a drawdown of -9%.

Rossella, a student at Unger Academy® for just over 2 years, exceeded all expectations in 2023 and achieved exceptional results.

Throughout the year, Rossella focused on Micro futures (specifically Micro Nasdaq, Micro Gold, Micro Crude Oil, and Micro S&P) and some stocks, proving that even with relatively small accounts, remarkable trading results are possible.

We'll take a look at her trading performance and that of two other traders who have excelled throughout the year:
-Rossella (contest winner!!) with a gain of €16,330, a return of +82%, and a drawdown of -9%
-Alessandro, with a gain of €47,800, a return of +67%, and a drawdown of -9%
-Federico, with a gain of over €13,600, a return of +107%, and a drawdown of -20%

Trader of the Year is the annual special edition of Trader of the Month, our monthly contest that rewards the Unger Academy® student who has achieved the best performance in live trading using the Unger Method™.

To learn more about our contests and how you can participate, click here!

Enjoy! 😉


Introduction + What is the Trader of the Year

Hello and welcome to this brand-new video. Today, we'll look at the results of the Trader of the Year 2023 contest!

We will analyze the statements of the best Unger Academy students who excelled in their live results last year.

And I have to admit that it was not easy to choose the winner. The turnout was great, and the results were remarkable. Great job, guys!

Before we start, I want to remind you that the Trader of the Year contest is reserved for Unger Academy students, who participate every year by submitting their live trading results and competing for the chance to win an Amazon voucher worth €2,000. Last but not least, the winner can participate in a 1:1 coaching call with Andrea Unger in person.

One of the coaches at Unger Academy here, and I'd say it's time to get into the swing of things and start with Alessandro's statement!

Alessandro, who earned €47,812 (with a return of 67.60%)

Alessandro earned an impressive €47,800 in 2023, which equates to a return of +67.60%, with a really low drawdown of 9.52%.

Let's take a look at the equity line, which is undoubtedly very regular. Apart from a few sideways phases, we can say that it has risen almost continuously from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

Looking instead at the instruments he traded, I can guess it's spread trading, even if it isn't easy to tell from the lineup alone.

In any case, Alessandro, you have done an excellent job and achieved remarkable results. Keep up the good work!

Federico, who earned €13,661 (with a return of 107.22%)

Now let's move on to the following statement from Federico, who in 2023, earned €13.621, making a 107.22% gain on his capital, which is almost unbelievable! And we estimated his drawdown to be around 20%.

Again, we see a pretty even equity line here. Although unfortunately, it's a little bit tricky to evaluate it properly in this chart.

Over the year, we see that there were withdrawals and deposits, and I think that we can say that the actual trading didn't start until after the first quarter of 2023.

In any case, these are definitely excellent results. The main instruments Federico has focused on are Micro Nasdaq, Micro Crude Oil and Micro Gold.

So, congratulations, Federico, these are enviable achievements! Good, keep up the excellent work.

Rossella, the winner, who earned €16,330 (with a return of 82% and a drawdown of 9.56%)

And now we come to the statement of the winner of the Trader of the Year 2023 contest, Rossella, an old acquaintance of ours who had also participated in past contests. She had always excelled with good performances, but unfortunately, she had never won.

Well, Rossella, it's your turn because this year you deserve it with performances like that.

You made €16.330, which is an 82% return on your capital, with a drawdown of only 9.56%, which is tiny compared to your performance.

Great job, Rossella, and particularly desirable is the regularity with which your equity is developing, never fluctuating excessively and growing from the beginning of the year to the end.

What instruments has Rossella focused on? Well, definitely Micro Nasdaq, Micro Gold, Micro Crude Oil, and Micro S&P.

So micro futures, like so many Unger Academy students.

This proves that you don't necessarily have to have highly capitalized accounts to achieve significant performance, as we have just seen. Indeed, with the advent of micro contracts, it's possible today to achieve economic satisfaction with trading, even with relatively small accounts.

So bravo, Rossella, you deserve it! You won the "Trader of the Year 2023" contest!!

Rossella agreed to have a quick chat with us to tell us a little bit more about her story.

She's been a student at Unger Academy for a little over two years and has started trading live in 2023.

She has a great passion for trading and uses a scientific approach.

She's an engineer, so systematic trading is something that suits her mindset pretty very well.

And she loves documenting a lot, in terms of trading. She's very curious. She studies different trading techniques.

We've talked about cyclical analysis and fundamental analysis. That has helped her a lot to improve and grow as a trader.

She has an active portfolio of about 40 strategies selected using our Titan software, which she very nicely refers to as the Holy Grail.

In the sense that without the Titan software, she would have great difficulty managing her portfolio of strategies.

She uses the Unger Method, but as I said, she's always looking for new trading methods.

At the moment, she is experimenting with the Portfolio Trader in particular.

We have been talking about certain underlying assets, for example, rare earth elements, for which there are no futures, only stocks that are active in that sector.

And since she wanted to trade underlying assets that were at least relative to that sector, she built up a portfolio of stocks for which she develops strategies to trade on rare earth element stocks.

Another exciting thing Rossella told me is that comparison with other traders is crucial to her.

And not just comparing, but also sharing strategies. She really appreciated our Million Dollar Database initiative.

And she works with other traders daily or almost daily to improve everyone's skills.

If you don’t know it, the Million Dollar Database is a portfolio of about 60 strategies made available to all Unger Academy students so they can more easily create a well-diversified trading system portfolio.

We can say that Rossella's has a medium risk profile, as evidenced by her performance.

We have already seen the instruments she traded: futures, mainly Nasdaq and Crude Oil Micro, and some stocks.

She ssome difficulties when market news are released.

We know that the markets can be very volatile at these times, and in the past, she's seen erratic moves and stop losses, especially on market news, so this is something to watch out for.

What advice would Rossella like to give to anyone just starting with live trading?

Rossella's additional weapons are a lot of passion and study.

Don't close yourself off, so share strategies, methods, opinions with other traders, and also put in a lot of discipline.

Thank you, Rossella, for your time, and congratulations again. You have won the Trader of the Year 2023 contest and the €2.000 Amazon voucher!


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That's it for today, thank you so much for watching, I will see you in our next video!

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