Trading Hero: Giuseppe Cantelmo

by Andrea Unger

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Giuseppe is a trader who started trading with a discretionary approach. After very few success he abandoned this approach in favor of automated trading.

Within 6 months he managed to reach around € 20,000 in profit, just before going into a drawdown that almost wiped out all his gains.

But Giuseppe didn't give up, he continued to follow his trading plan, he let every day the machine to send orders to the broker, he believed in his systems, and in the end, the persistence rewarded him... He recovered a large part of the profits previously accumulated.

Giuseppe is a student of Trading Systems Supremacy, and thanks to it he managed to solve the problem that most afflicted him: stop creating Trading Systems using improbable mix of indicators (which hardly lead to developing winning systems) and finally learned a repeatable approach to study and face the markets with much more awareness and effectiveness.


Who are you, what do you do and how long have you been trading?
Hello everyone, my name is Giuseppe Cantelmo and I am 31 years old. I work in Trading since the end of 2008-beginning of 2009, first as a discretional trader and later as a systems player. I trade mainly in futures: specifically, at this moment I have 6 active strategies: 5 on DAX, all intraday, and one on GOLD and all at a systematic level.

Why did you choose to do automatic trading?
Because as you obviously have an instrument... let's say the results are more verifiable, and for the flexibility of the instrument itself, in the sense that you can follow X strategies at the same time.
It is really a portfolio diversification that is definitely more effective. 

On which markets do you operate mainly and why?
Well, currently, as I was saying, I have 5 systems on DAX and one on GOLD, and the choice of DAX is not random, meaning that, mainly, because it fluctuates a lot and so I think it is a good instrument for intraday.
Clearly, the idea is to diversify the portfolio further, starting with gold.
Then, I wanted to move to different equity, to SP500 and on other commodities.

How are you structured? Which platform, broker and data feed do you use?
So currently I'm using Ninjatrader and as data feed, I have a double data feed, in short, a backup data feed.
I have a Rhythmic as primary and Continuum, then CQG as secondary on two different accounts.
I have a VPS with Speedy, Speedy Trading Servers. 

Which Unger Academy courses have you attended?
I have attended only Trading Systems Supremacy so far, but the idea is to sign up later to Portfolio Secrets and others.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Andrea because I think these courses are very useful, well-prepared and above all usable in the immediate future.

What was your main problem before attending this course?
My main problem was the approach, in the sense that I was unable to create a repeatable approach. I would try a mix of indicators that worked on paper and for the shortest term, on one market and in one particular timeframe, but then, obviously, they wouldn't work on a different market.
So I had to look for a magic indicator that would make you believe that you've found the inefficiency but the results were not repeatable.

What was the solution you found through the course?
The solution, precisely, was to have a research approach: so a model to develop, a set of approaches to put together, and I have to say the fantastic thing about this course is just that - in the sense, that you can create a system from the foundation and then it becomes quite automatic.
You want to search for a BIAS? You know how to. You want to search for an average behavior, breakout, countertrend? You know how to... and so on!
I believe that it makes the markets more explorable... an ability to explore the markets more than anything else. 

Why did you choose an Andrea Unger course and not another teacher's?
Because I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea on many occasions, to attend the free course - excuse me, it's the closure alarm - and I think he's one of the top experts in the field. 

What was the main concern that kept you from buying this course and that then turned out to be unfounded?
No, for this course specifically I didn't have any particular concerns.
Mostly because I think the cost of the course is really affordable with regard to contents, so I'd say I didn't hesitate at all.

What results did you obtain in trading after attending the course?
So... the results, I have to say that initially, they were very good. In terms of stability, rather than real return.
I've reached within 5-6 months almost twenty thousand euro in profit.
Then I faced my worst drawdown ever in August, specifically I had about nineteen thousand euro in drawdown.
Now they are recovering quite regularly.
I started with a capital of fifty-five thousand euro,

How long did it take you to obtain them?
Ten thousand euro I'd say in the space of 3-4 months because I started by adopting a single system - the First Hour of Andrea Unger - so the first of January, I'd say.
In mid-February I added two more, again on DAX. A counter trend system and a mixed system, a kind of BIAS that exploits but an expansion of volatility.
In August I added two more systems, again on DAX, a classic breakout, but with filters - so I need a higher incubation in a demo- so they stayed six months in incubation, and another system on GAP, again on DAX.
Lastly, in mid-October, I added a BIAS system on gold.

What had the biggest impact on achieving these results?
I think basically there were two aspects: the first was the method of researching the market, then it was understanding whether we are facing a market that tends to break out, and so easy to develop in break out rather than a main reverting market, rather than a market with distinct BIAS characteristics.
Then the pattern table: that was certainly a remarkable added value because, in order to think of and code a pattern, I think great research is required for it, so that helped me avoid the research of the pattern.

 What did you like about the course and why?
Definitely the course's structure, the modules, the sample strategies and then the strategies applied to three different markets with completely different characteristics. Specifically, those were DAX, Crude Oil and miniSP500, so practical examples.

Who would you recommend this course to and why?
To anyone who'd like to work seriously, in the sense that here, basic knowledge is all there... but then it requires the desire to get in the game and to explore... let's say that I rather than recommend it, I would advise against it to those who are looking for the money machine that, as those who are in this sector know, does not exist and probably will never exist.

What advice would you give to those who are still looking for their own way in trading?
To not be dazzled by easy-gain ideals... In truth, I would advise against it mostly to those who approach it, because I think that most of the people who approach this world are because of the misconception of "easy gain"

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I wanted to take this opportunity again to thank Andrea and all of the users of the forum. I believe the forum is a remarkable added value... and that's it, good trading to all!

Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We’ll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.


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