Trading Hero: Riccardo Parise

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Riccardo Parise is an Italian student of Unger Academy who has lived in China for almost 10 years.

Riccardo, an engineer, began studying online trading 3 years ago. Thanks to the Unger method and interactions in the forum, he achieved excellent results, especially on the Asian markets, even if trading is not its main occupation.

I advise you to listen to him carefully.


Who are you, what do you do for a living and how long have you been trading?

Hi everybody, my name is Riccardo, I'm from Vicenza province but in fact, I'm living in Shanghai China for several years, close to 10.

I'm not doing systematic trading as my main activity, I have a company that does interior design and also trading but we are importing high level, high-end Italian pieces of furniture to Chinese and in general Asian markets.

Why did you choose automated trading?

I decided to approach the systematic trading because at the moment this is not my main activity.

My main activity, the one I've just explained before, takes me most of my time outside my office traveling, taking flights all around Asia so I cannot spend my time, and I wouldn't in fact, just in front of a monitor deciding to buy or sell something.

Which markets do you trade and why?

The Markets are usually the common ones, like the American one and the European one but just because I'm living here, since a couple of years, I also started to approach to the Asian markets, in particular, the Hong Kong exchange and the Japanese Osaka exchange.

How are you structured? Which platform, broker and data feed do you use?

Actually, I'm using MultiCharts and TradeStation, of course, TradeStation also as a broker, with TradeStation I am using Interactive Brokers for some data feed, most of the data feed I use is from TradeStation and of course as a broker.

I have a VPS, now it's in Germany because at the beginning I was trading a lot of Eurex futures.

Now I'm moving it to the US because at the moment, most of the future I'm trading are in the US so I will move it soon there.

What program(s) did you attend at Unger Academy?

It's something strange because I started from the end, in fact, I started with "Portfolio Secrets" then I joined the Forum and there I found a new world because every day there are a lot of people that are posting their ideas, their comments, and there I learn a lot of things and then at the end I bought the "Trading System Supremacy" program, the best one, and then the "Money Management".

What was your main problem before you joined these programs?

The main problem was that I didn't have a method to approach the markets and so I was trying to use a kind of sixth sense, trying to understand the nature of each market but without any particular good result.

What solution did you achieve through the programs?

This question is just really linked to the previous one.

Before I didn't have a method, after I took Andrea's programs I have a method to approach the markets that is very clear, very systematic and so there are no doubts about how to move.

Why did you choose one of my programs and not one of other trainers?

I decided to join Andrea and follow his programs because Andrea is not only the 4 times world's champion but because Andrea every day uses his money to trade.

So he uses his money to earn money, so I think this is the best guaranty that what Andrea teaches us is absolutely the best.

If there was one, what was your main concern which in the beginning prevented you from buying this educational aids and then has proved to be wrong?

No any particular reason, I was just curious to know what there was inside this educational aids compared to the cost of them and then I found that the price is absolutely reasonable considering all the content of these programs.

What results did you achieve with trading after your attendance to this educational path?

It seems strange but the best result is that in this crazy 2018 I'm not losing money.

It looks something, again, strange because we do this because we want to earn money but we know everybody how this year was.

So I know that this year I'm not losing money because I strictly followed Andrea's method, I'm sure about that.

If you want to share, can you tell us what has been the one thing most responsible for these results?

I'm sorry, I repeat again, but for me, this is Andrea's curses key, it's the method!

So trigger, setup, filters.

Following all the steps that Andrea clearly teaches it's for me the best guaranty to have success.

What did you like most about the programs and why?

Probably one of the best things of Andrea's programs is that they are made of videos, and each video is like 15-20 minutes long.

So not so long, very easy to listen and in this short time Andrea just clearly expresses all the concepts.

To whom would you recommend this journey and why?

I would say to everybody even if probably not just the beginners, those ones who are starting from zero.

You need to have some knowledge about this world, about trading systems, but different programs have different levels so a good range.

What advice do you want to give to people still looking for their own way in trading?

My suggestion is don't try to do everything by yourself, try to follow someone who is trading in real, exactly how Andrea is doing and also because you can learn a lot of things from the web, from books, but talking with other people it's really really important and don't hesitate to give your ideas to give your systems to someone else, being sure that they will give you back their ideas, their systems.

This is the best way to upgrade.

Is there anything else you want to add?

Nothing in particular to add, it's maybe something funny, but sometimes people ask me: "Why do you play with stocks, with futures? ". I reply I don't play, I play casino, but I don't play with those kinds of markets.

So trading is something serious, it's a job.

Maybe it's not your first job, it is the second, the third, the fourth one, but it's a job, and like all the other jobs you need to know what you are doing you need to have a method and I think Andrea method is, I would say the best one, for sure that the best one I know probably one of the best one in the world.

Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

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