Trading Hero: Thomas Thurzo

by Andrea Unger

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Thomas Thurzo is a good and very nice student of Unger Academy who managed to earn € 27,000 in 9 months with Automated Trading.

Thomas, in the span of 6 years, has followed courses of various trading coaches and tried to apply different approaches, unfortunately without obtaining the desired success.

After attending my Master's in New York and joining the Unger Academy programs, the breakthrough finally came.

His positivity is contagious, and in the course of this interview, the awareness of having taken big steps forward on the path to becoming a successful Professional Trader is very clear.

I advise you to listen to him carefully.

  • Who are you, what do you do for a living and how long have you been training?

So, my name is Thomas. I'm from Austria, and I also live in Austria in Vienna. I'm 44 years old and I'm a full-time trader. So, I've been trading now since 6 or 7 years full-time, but profitable only in the last year, I think. Only for one year, I’m profitable.

  • Why did you choose Automated Trading?

So then, automated trading is, for me, the approach. Okay, before I started with automated trading, I tried a lot of different things: Fibonacci, Gann relations and, you know, all the crap that was once available. I tried everything. But for me, automated trading is the approach that makes the most sense to me from the logical point of view because I think the possibility to backtest and optimize a trading approach and a strategy, I think it's a huge advantage compared to somebody, for example, a discretionary trader, who has to do everything live. So, of course, I know a lot of people are complaining about backtesting. They tell, “Okay, it's no guarantee that it will work in the future.” But I ask them, always then: “Okay, but do you want to trade a strategy that has not worked in the past?” For me, it makes the most sense to me automatic trading. That’s why I chose that approach. And one important thing also, it's the first thing that worked, I made money with. That's also important, why I chose this.

  • Which markets do you trade and why?

So, I trade the most common futures. I trade only the future markets and the most commonly available, 30 future markets. So, I think, for automated trading because of diversification, they are the best choice; future markets. There is crude oil, gold, heating oil, and so on.

  • How are you structured? Which platform, broker and data feed do you use?

Oh, I am using Trade Navigator. That is my main platform. I have, also, MultiCharts, but I use it more for development. And I have Ninja Trader, but I don't use Ninja Trader anymore because coding in C sharp is a great thing. But I find it much easier with Easy Language, MultiCharts. And you have a trading language for Trade Navigator. It's called Trade Sense. It's also a programming language created for trading. And I think it's much easier to code with that type of coding language. So, that's why I choose trade Navigator. I'm using it now for six years. I like it. I'm very happy with it. So, I'm used to it. That's also important. I think there is not a big advantage compared to other platforms and MultiCharts because of Easy Language. I think Easy Language is the best language for coding, for trading. And I have an account with Interactive Brokers from 6 to 7 years. My data-feed is IQ data.

  • What course did you attend at Unger Academy?

I bought all of the courses available there. So, that's an easy one, and I'm pretty sure I will buy any course that is available from Andrea Unger. I think it's a high-quality course. I mean, to be honest, it is a blueprint to a money printing machine; his courses. I will never understand why he is giving away so much, knowledge and information for so less money. I think you can buy it for– I don't know what price it is. I don’t remember, his main course. And you get so much detailed information. So, it can make you money. To be honest, I will never understand that from Andrea, why he is giving away that knowledge, but I bought it and I'm very happy with it. And I can recommend it to everybody who is interested in automated trading. But, don't get me wrong. It's not that type that you buy the course, copy and paste the strategy and then you make money. So, it's not working like that. So, you have to study the material. So, I think I watched his courses 20, 30, 50 times, and I still do not have absorbed everything, what's on the information, what's available or what’s presented for me. So, you really have to study that material in order to understand it, in order to – Okay, I don't know the word in English -- whatever, but it's good, okay?

  • What was your main problem before you joined this course?

My main problem was a lack of consistency. So, I think I bought a lot of courses, took a lot of seminars, bought a lot of books. And I studied all this material presented from the course, or the book or whatever, and then I did a lot of manual backtesting, and then I found something else. During the time, I tried to trade according to the approach I was studying. I found something new, give up the other one and started something new. And that has happened every second month or so. I tried something new. And so, the lack of consistency. And to overcome that with automated trading, I have the possibility to overcome that because you develop a strategy. It runs; it works or it does not works, whatever. And then, it is. The strategy is running in the back and you can focus on developing new things. So, this is also a reason I chose automated trading.

  • What solution did you achieve through the course?

So, it's not particular from the course. The solution for me was the whole approach with automated trading. So, I found the solution with Andrea's approach, it's very detailed. You get very detailed information on his courses, and you really can duplicate on what he's saying. He gives a lot of examples, everything. And you will be able to build strategies from scratch. And turn that into a money printing machine. So that was the solution.

  • Why did you choose one of Andrea's courses and not one of other trainers?

I bought also from other trainers. I bought also courses. But I can easily say that Andrea Unger's course is one of the best because it's very detailed. It's not, it’s without any mumbo-jumbo, or psychological or whatever you can read and find in other things. It's very detailed, it's very well explained and it's from zero to… You find everything, what you need in order to become profitable. To be honest, you don't need anymore. But I have bought also other courses and there are also a few others good out there, but I think not one that is so detailed and so good explained so well like Andreas courses. And then, you can really see that it's from a real trader, not from somebody who likes to talk about trading. If you watch the course and you trade for yourself, you will find the details that you will only realize if you had traded for yourself. And you will see that they must be from somebody who is also trading real money. Because, yeah.

  • If there was one, what was your main concern which in the beginning prevented you from buying this course and then has proved to be wrong?

Oh, because it was cheap. I'll be honest. I know it sounds like bad advertising. But to be honest, like I said, I don't understand why he is giving away so good material for such a low price. So, that was the main thing I was skeptical because I thought it'd be– Yeah, that was the main thing. But he proved me wrong.

  • What results did you achieve with trading after attendance to the course?

So, I have an account with 300,000€, but I'm only trading with the automated trading approach. I only use €100,000. With the other €200,000, I do some stock trading and options trading, but not automated trading. So, I started with €100,000. I started on the first March, of 2017. So, that's nine months ago. I started with one strategy, and I still added new strategies. I'm now up to 38 live strategies. And I have over 40 strategies in incubation, and I made, growing that time, I think 27000€ or 29,000€. It fluctuates every day, sometimes up, sometimes down. But today, I'm up I think 27,000€ or 28,000€. Oh yeah, that's my performance. So, if you calculated with a 100,000€ account, It’s close to 30% that I have achieved in 9 months. So, I am very happy about that. And I hope it goes like that in the future.

  • What has been the one thing most responsible for these results?

The most responsible for those results, I think it's Andrea's course. So, what I have learned from him, I do not 100%, but I would say 90% the same what he taught me in his course, I do that. I think that was the reason why I achieved, yeah, that money.

  • What did you like most about the course and why?

And like I said, also, it's rich of detail. He explains everything in detail. So, you really can duplicate it. You really can do what he presented in his course, and you can put it into practice. You really can. He explains to you exactly what to do, and you can do that. So, that's what I liked the most about his course because there are a lot of courses outside. And the mentor is teaching something and you have to guess what he means, is not that well explained or it's not clear enough and lack of information and so on.

  • To whom would you recommend this journey and why?

So, I would recommend that journey to everybody who is interested in automated trading. So, if you are interested in automated trading, this course is, I think, in the first place. So, you really will learn everything about position sizing, money management, creating strategies of course—everything. I can recommend that to everybody who wants to be an automated trader. A lot of people are afraid of automated trading because of coding. And I think coding is not the main problem with automated trading. So, I think we can learn that very easy. Language is like Easy Language with Trade Station and MultiCharts; very easy to learn and understand. And I think it's very similar to writing a book. So, to learn to write, this is very easy. But you want to write the bestseller. So, I think that's the important part.

  • What advice do you want to give to people still looking for their own way of trading?

Oh, that's no real advice I can give to other people because I think trading, I want to become the best trader. First place is mine. So, everybody who wants to become a trader, second place is the best you can achieve.

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We’ll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.


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