Trading the Mini S&P 500: $75,000 profit in 2 years with these strategies!

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Today we would like to introduce you to two strategies that are performing great in Mini S&P 500 Futures!

Both strategies have been in use since 2018 and have made a whopping $75,000 combined since May 2021!

Watch the video now to find out:
-The out-of-sample performance of the two strategies
-How they work

Enjoy the video! 😎


Introduction - The 2 strategies for Mini S&P 500

Hey everyone, and welcome back! As usual, today we're going to evaluate the best strategies in our portfolio that have performed the best over the last period.

One of the coaches at the Unger Academy here, and in this new video, we're going to look at two strategies that have performed well recently in the market for the Mini SP 500, the world's most popular U.S. stock index futures.

These two strategies, which we’re about to show you in a moment, have generated profits of $75,000 over the last two years.

Strategy 1 - Intraday on rounded levels

Alright, so now we’re looking at the profit curve of the first strategy, developed in 2018, so around this time here. And this has been on the market for five years with excellent results.

The first two years out of sample, 2018 and 2019, have certainly been very fortunate.

In 2020, on the other hand, we experienced a drawdown, not helped by the pandemic, the strategy suffered a lot.

Then in 2021 and especially in 2022, the strategy regained ground.

If we look at the annual results, we can precisely confirm that the first two years of the strategy were positive, followed by a challenging year in 2020, and finally, the last two outstanding years, 2021 and mainly 2022, where we saw gains of over $40,000.

2023 also seems to have started on the right foot, with a gain of about $5,800.

Let’s also take a quick look at the average trade of the system, which is about $70, and that’s already net of the commissions and slippage we pay when we trade on this market.

So, over the last two years, the strategy has brought outstanding profits to our portfolio. We see that in the previous two years, so more or less from the end of May 2021 to the end of May 2023, the strategy has brought in up to $50,000.

This strategy works long and short at price levels rounded in 50-point steps.

This means that when a rounded price level is reached, such as 4200 points for this short trade or 4150 points for these long trades, the strategy places entry orders that are then closed at the end of the day.

Strategy 2 - Trend Following

Let’s turn now to the second strategy. Here we see the results of the second system, which we’ll look at together.

This strategy was also developed in 2018, so more or less at this point here, I’d say, and again, the years after development have confirmed the trend that we saw during the development phase.

The years after the development phase were very fortunate, and they were all closed with a profit.

The strategy results in an average trade of about $70.

Again, slippage and commission fees have already been considered and included as a cost in the backtest of this strategy.

As I told you, fortunately, all the post-development years were closed at a profit from 2019 to 2023.

This strategy was able to hold trades with above-average range and capacity even in 2022, aided by steep declines and high volatility in the Mini SP 500 market.

You see, the average trade in 2022 was just under $150, and in 2023 the trend seems to continue with an average trade of even over $270.

In short, this strategy has also performed well over the years.

It is a trend-following strategy that tries to follow the underlying trends.

For example, in this long trend, the strategy placed a long order following the previous day's move after the underlying went up.

Again, we see that the market tried to rally and go up from the day's opening, and this is where our strategy attempted to make an entry.

The same problem occurred in the last trade executed by the system, where the strategy placed a market order after this strong rally, only to close it at the end of the day.

So, this strategy is also intraday so it will close its positions at the end of the day.

In this case, the strategy has brought in profits of more than $25,000 over the last two years, so from the 25th and 26th of May, in short, from the end of May 2021 to the end of May 2023, with a total number of trades of about 160.

Final thoughts

So, overall, we can be delighted with these two strategies, which have generated excellent returns in the post-development years from 2018 to the present, building on the results from the development phase.

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Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

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