Two "Aha" Moments That Transformed My Trading Career

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In life, just as in all our careers, there are turning points.

Often, they offer us new perspectives. New ways to evolve and develop ourselves.

This is because, without evolution, there would be no progress or improvement.

In Andrea’s career, there were two:
-One more practical
-One more psychological

Both played a crucial role in the journey that led him to win 4 world trading championships.

Are you curious to discover what these turning points are and how they helped him become the trader and mentor he is today?

In this video, you will have the opportunity to discover:
-The two turning points in Andrea’s trading career
-The importance of the psychological aspect in the practice of Trading

Enjoy watching!



The turning point in my trading career. Actually, I can tell, I remember 2 turning points, 1 more practical and 1, let's say, more psychological. Now I'm gonna tell you about this.

The Practical Turning Point

So the first turning point, the practical one. You know, I'm a systematic trader, so I build trading systems and I have to build trading systems to trade.

So at the very beginning of my career, I was trying to build these systems, and I was basing my work on my knowledge about technical analysis and so on.

So I was mixing all kinds of indicators, oscillators, all things together, with common sense. I mean, I was choosing indicators and oscillators based on what they meant, what they were there for.

So I was putting together these pieces with a common logic and I was getting some results, but these results were, I must say, deeply disappointing because the systems didn't show real benefits, real profit.

Some of them were profiting, but in a way that would never be sustainable in live trading, because of the costs that have to be taken into consideration when you go live.

So I was sort of struggling in the dark because I was fairly convinced that technical analysis would be the solution to all of this and I found out, making the maths about that, that it didn't work.

So the turning point was when a friend of mine, I had been friends with this guy for a while already, Domenico Foti, asked me to cooperate, and he was already doing something in the trading system area, so I was happy to work with him, being a friend.

And he gave me a very simple code to start from. And this code was so basic, so simple, it was just buying or selling, buying the high or selling the low at the breakout. High of period. In that case intraday, but this is not really the important point.

It was very simple, just entering the market at a breakout here or there, depending on the direction.

And I couldn't believe that, so I was wondering, is that really that simple?Should I start from this? Yes, this is where we start from, and with this we build our systems. And it worked.

For the first time I saw an equity line that showed profits. They were not tradable, as is, of course, it was also in that case the profits were too narrow to go live, but there was consistency in the results.

And that very simple piece of code was the very starting brick of the whole cathedral I have now at my disposal. So simple things work.

The trading system world is not that complicated. It's not just because we have a computer that it must be rocket science.

No, there is common logic, common sense, same common sense I use with indicators, but indicators don't work as a signal.

I found out later that some of them could help as filters in the trading decisions, but never as a signal, while the signal was that simple.

Based on that piece of code, I then, during my career, wrote other pieces of codes, and all these together created the basics of the work that I still use, and it's now more than 20 years.

So practical turning point in my life as a trader.

The Psychological Turning Point

The second turning point, the psychological point, was a bit later on, I was already developing, I had already systems in my hands.

But it was in 2004, when I visited a trading course of Larry Williams, in California, and there, I was with other hundred traders, more or less, with Larry, and I saw that it worked.

I mean, I didn't get new technical knowledge. I didn't get new surprising ideas, nor things that were the Holy Grail. No, because they don't exist.

I just found the same approach that I was using, but I saw that approach put at work in a consistent way.

So that was the key to convince me, to really convince me, that what I was doing was right, that I was on the right path.

And that gave me, it boosted my approach, because I had material, I was working in the right way and I knew, from that moment on, that putting that whole thing at work would produce results.

This is what I got and what I'm still getting today after roughly 20 years, also in this case.

**Conclusion **

So, guys, simple things put at work, practical and psychological.

These are the 2 turning points that, as said, put me on the run of my trading career and also allowed me to win 4 World Cup titles, but this is history, the important is that these things really help.

That's it, guys. See you next time. Ciao from Andrea Unger!

Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger

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