Trading Hero: John Sills

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John Sills is an Engineer who works as a Supply Chain Consultant.

He has been a discretionary trader for 10 years.

He's been my student for just over 4 months, so he started trading futures by simply putting into practice what he learned from the Trading Systems Supremacy

Well, he's not halfway through the program yet, he has already more than doubled his capital, starting from $ 25,000 and reaching $ 54,000!

Obviously, this is atypical, but it's one of the many examples that show that the METHOD counts more than anything else.

Hope you enjoy the reading


Who are you, what do you do for a living and how long have you been trading?

I'm John Sills and I'm a consultant, I do a supply chain consulting, and I'm specialized in warehouse automation and design.

I've been trading, I was a financial advisor, so trading stocks for about 10 years, but not to the level I'm trading now, discretionary level, and futures I just started about 4 months ago.

Why did you choose systematic Trading?

I'm an engineer, I'm an industrial engineer, so I like the idea of automation.

Plus you can't watch every market, so I'm hoping to have multiple markets working at one time, which I am right now.

So yeah, I like multiple markets, and it takes out anxiety... I'm a lot calmer trading systemically than with discretionary trading.

Which markets do you trade and why?

Well, right now I'm just trading the trend-following ones, crude oil, unleaded gas, heating oil.

The reason being is I've only gotten one third away done with the program, so I'm just in the trend-following, I get to go to the next level or next sections.

How are you structured? Which platform, broker, and data feed do you use?

Actually, I started with TradeStation and that wasn't too reliable, so I switched over to Multicharts about two months ago and that's been working a lot better and I'm using Stage 5 that's using Gain Capital for the feed.

What programs did you join with Unger Academy?

I think it's just the first program that I'm in systematic trading.

It's the one with the trend-following lectures and then there's the reversal and then the bias trading, so I think it's the first (Trading Systems Supremacy)

What solution did you achieve thanks to the Trading Systems Supremacy program?

I've been doing the trend-following process and it's been working pretty well, I'm up about $25,000 right now, so it's working nice and I am very happy with it.

I had a little snag right now, some problems with the high volatility, so it seems like I'm stuck at $25,000.

I went up from gaining $40,000 and then down to $25,000 again.

So I'm sort of stuck at this level right now, but I've been trying to work on it, trying to do a shorter-term scan.

Instead of like 6 years, I've been doing like just 4 months or 3 months to try to get the correct trend and be profitable.

What results did you achieve after your attendance at the program?
What capital did you start with and what was your maximum drawdown?

I started with $25,000, my account went up to $60,000, but I'm back down to about $54,000 right now.

So that's about $25,000 to $30,000 results in about 2 months of trading with the systematic system.

I have it separated.

I just use Multicharts for systematic trading and I use Tradestation for discretionary trading.

How much time did it take to reach these results?

Yeah, it's about 2 months.

I was really up higher actually after 1 month, but I lost quite a bit of money in one week and I am back down to like $30,000/$25,000 gain.

What has been the one thing most responsible for these results?

Well, it's obviously the trend-following because that's the only one I'm doing right now and I really like the way you can optimize it with 41 or 42 different patterns, so it works very well.

What did you like most about this trading path and why?

What I like is that you can go at your own pace and I like also that you can upload your program or system and people look at it and, you know, critique it a little.

So it's nice to have someone looking at your work and trying to perfect it a little better.

To whom would you recommend the Trading System Supremacy and why?

I've recommended it to a couple of friends to try it.

It's not really difficult to do it and you don't need a lot of trading experience to do it.

You just have to work with Multicharts, I would recommend people to use Multicharts, not TradeStation though.

So yeah I've recommended to a few of my friends.

A lot of my friends are like engineers, so I think it's easier for them because they're not afraid of programming stuff, but I think anyone can do it really.

What advice do you want to give to people still looking for their own way of trading?

I constantly feel you got to learn and improve yourself, so taking any course would be good, but I think the systematic one here is one of the most excellent ones.

I mean if I can make $25,000 from $25,000.

I mean, I started with 25,000 and now I'm up to $50,000... if you can do that in a month or so it's great.

The only problem I'm having is to keep it consistent right now, but I've learned a lot and I'm sure the consistency will come soon hopefully.

Need More Help? Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Our Team Today!

We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

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