Trading Hero: Interview with Pierluigi Tozzi – €25,000 in 8 months

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One of our best students, Pierluigi, talks about his adventure in the trading world and how he earned over €25,000 in 8 months by applying the Unger Method.

Pierluigi is a mechanical engineer but has always liked computer science. He started dedicating himself to trading in 2001, studying technical and fundamental analysis by himself, and therefore adopting a discretionary approach.

His main problem was that the results he achieved were generally too inconsistent and not in line with his expectations to reward him for all the efforts and time he put into trading.

This and other difficulties made him switch from discretionary to systematic trading and join our Academy.

Listen to his story and learn how the Unger Method™ helped him solve his trading problems!



Hello everyone! I'm Valeria of Unger Academy, and today I have the pleasure of speaking with Pierluigi, one of our new Trading Heroes. He's one of our best students and made €25,000 in 8 months. So now Pierluigi will tell us about how he did it and, more in general, about his experience with us. So hello, Pierluigi, welcome!

Hi Valeria, hello everyone.

How are you doing?

Well, thank you.

We've already talked a little bit together, and you told me that you're very busy with your job, family, studying at night... Okay, I've already revealed some things!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do in life, what's your profession?

Well, I'm a mechanical engineer and I work for a large multinational in Florence. In the past, I’ve also worked for Formula 1. Yeah, I had an interesting experience in the past, and I've been passionate about trading for several years. I am a self-taught trader. I started studying around 2001 or so, and then over the years, I became more and more passionate about it. I used to have a discretionary approach, so with technical and fundamental analysis. Over the years, I tried to further develop this activity, but the results were inconsistent. So, I wasn't fully satisfied with what I was doing before I met you.

Okay, well, 2001, just like Andrea, because he too started trading professionally in 2001, so that's the same period. Okay, so you tried the discretionary approach, but, as you said, the results were not very good.

Yes, they were very fluctuating. Positive periods and negative periods, but I couldn't get any consistent results, which gives you the peace of mind and sense of security that you need to dedicate to this activity. So, I wasn't very happy with what I was doing because I just couldn't get any stability. So, I intended to build an additional source of income that should be parallel to my main job, but it couldn't produce the results I wanted. So, I was looking for a way to improve my trading, and I must say that I found it later in the One Year Target program.

We've seen it!

What problems did you have before joining our program?

You've already mentioned some of them.

One problem was that I didn't have a very systematic approach in the sense of a precise trading method. I certainly had the basics of technical analysis and fundamental analysis, but I approached the market in a discretionary way. Most of all, I wasn't able to manage risk properly, as I realized later.

Andrea is particularly attentive to risk.

Yes, he is, and risk management and position sizing are two of the main things that I have learned and that have helped me the most. I know them as concepts, but I realized that I couldn't apply them correctly. And that's something I didn't do properly and which then led me to...

...a turning point... get better results. And then there's also the fact that I adopted a systematic and, therefore, no longer discretionary approach.

So,  you also changed the way you trade… you know, the usual thing of being in front of the computer...

Yeah, and not having to follow the charts or analyze them subjectively.

From what we hear, that's one of the main reasons that make people move from discretionary to systematic trading. That's often the main thing, but there are also the other things that you have already mentioned.

So why did you decide to join our program over other programs out there?

Well, I certainly did some research in those days. After talking with a friend who had recently discovered trading and told me that he was about to start with systematic trading, I had like a light bulb moment. Because I had already had some experience with trading systems at the beginning of my trading adventure. However, it was probably very early for this approach, and so it didn't convince me. So, I had discarded it, but when my friend told me about this, I had that light bulb moment. I searched for more information and found - among the myriad of offers that can be found on the Internet, the many different courses and programs - I found in Andrea a serious and professional person. I looked into his story and found out what he did. I saw that he actually puts what he teaches into practice, and that convinced me that this could be the right thing for me. I’ve got to admit, it was then that I found all of this in the program. So, professional and concrete.

Is there anything in particular about our program that helped you? Why was it so effective for you?

It is certainly well structured, also in terms of the program's lineup and how the content is arranged. I think it's suitable both for those who start from scratch and those who - like me - already have some basic knowledge of different topics because it allows you to bridge the gaps you may have easily. For example, in my case, it was risk management and money management, and in the program, these topics are explained in really a simple way, with many examples that help you understand them. So, I think it's well-structured, and I've been comfortable with it.

So, you're happy with it. And, you were telling me that some things... You already knew a little bit of programming...

Yeah, not related to trading, but I've always been a sort of IT guy. I'm a mechanical engineer, but I chose... I mean, when I chose to study engineering, I was almost about to choose computer science, so…yeah, I am also a sort of IT guy.

Okay, but from your experience, do you think it would have still been pretty simple for you, even if you didn't know anything about programming?

Oh yes! Yes, definitely. Even at the programming level, it’s not a programming language for programmers. It’s easy Language, for example, is a language that...

... it's easy...

Exactly, the name is self-explanatory. It isn't designed for programmers but traders. So, it's not complicated. There is obviously a logic that must be followed. There are some rules, but nothing complicated.


After applying what you learned in the program, what results did you get?

As we said, I started trading after completing the program, which I did in about 3 months, studying even at night because I didn't have any time during the day. I started live trading my first systems around February. And after 3-4 months, I had almost reached €20,000, so I had started with a bang, let's say. But then I went through a drawdown period and realized that my systems were still a bit too rough. You see, they needed some refinement, so I fixed them. In a short time, I recovered the drawdown, and in 8 months, I managed to reach the target of 25.000€, and now my systems are much more stable, so I expect to be able to reach some high goals by the end of the year.

Congratulations on your result! Also because you started putting into practice what you learned a short while after you had started studying.

Yes, well, I already had some basics in this field, and that's why I was able to go live immediately. I didn't wait. The evaluation step before going live was rather short because I felt I was able to follow them even while they were live, so I went directly live. Maybe for someone who starts from scratch, it would be better to have a sort of trial stage in the beginning.

Of course. So you went live and then you realized... you managed to fix the issues and refine what should be ...

Yes, I went live immediately but followed my systems almost as if it was discretionary trading, in the sense that I still followed what they did to see if they actually behaved as I expected them to do. And in the beginning, it went very well. Then the period came when I realized that there were some things to fix. I fixed them, and now everything's okay.

By the way, the drawdown and the like, I mean, you can expect them.

Yes. Well, in my case, let's say it was a bit higher than expected and that's why I realized that I had to improve the way that I managed those systems.

Okay, so there really was a problem to fix!

And how has your life changed since you achieved this result? 

In general, let's say that thanks to this new approach that I have adopted, I'm certainly more comfortable with trading. There's much less anxiety because I'm now more in control of what I do and of the systems with which I go live. I know that I'm able to manage what doesn't work because now I have the tools - thanks to the course because I didn't have them before - so I'm much calmer now. And of course, I also have more time to spend on other things because once the infrastructure and the systems are in place... Of course, I mean, you can't leave them completely alone because you clearly need to follow them, but I don't always have to be there checking, for example from my mobile or my computer, how it's going, because I know that the system is doing what it has to do.

So, it brought about a real change also in terms of tranquility, of emotions.

Yes, definitely, that was the major change. I'm much quieter in my trading now. Managing positions causes much less anxiety than before because I know that the rules I've defined are always there.

So far, so good.

So, where do you think you'd be right now if you hadn't decided to join our program?

It's hard to say, but probably I'd have quit trading. I don't know. Because there was a period in which I just couldn't find a way to trade and still have some peace of mind, and so I think that, probably, I would still be there looking for a solution, or maybe I would have quit.

Quit… really, after all these years and everything you did?

Well, no, maybe I wouldn't have quit, but I really needed to find what I found.

Yes, of course, I understand that even if it's something you've been doing for years, if you don't get any results, or in any case, if there's no consistency, you get tired, I mean, in the sense that..

That's right, yes.

What would you say to those who are watching this interview and don't yet know what to do or are undecided whether to join the program or not?

Well, the program is definitely more than valid in my opinion. It is well-structured and suitable both for those who are starting from scratch and those who are already trading, because they can find some very interesting ideas and learn a lot. In addition to Andrea, there are other members in the team who are equally trained and professional. I had the opportunity to follow the coaching calls that are held weekly, although I wasn't able to participate live. On those calls, they give answers to all our questions and all our doubts. So that, too, is something that adds great value to the course because in addition to the content that you can study online, receiving weekly support that can clarify all the doubts that you get when you start putting into practice what you learn is fundamental. And that’s certainly something that adds further value to the program, especially for those who start studying and learning a job, because in the end, you know, trading is a job.

Oh, yes, absolutely.

…And having someone who is really competent and can help you on every topic is crucial, so I recommend it.

Okay, is there anything else you want to add? Even if I think you've already told me everything!

We've said everything I think.

Okay, thank you for dedicating some of your time to me today.

Thanks to you.

Congratulations again, let's keep in touch and keep us updated with the new results you'll get. Thank you very much and see you next time.

Thanks to you. Goodbye everyone.

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We'll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your trading and get you to the next level. Answer a few questions on our application and then choose a time that works for you.

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