Learn How To Become a Proficient Systematic Trader By Automating Your Ideas

One Year Target

What You Get:

  • Learn the foundations of the markets upon which you'll create your portfolio.
  • Code your trading ideas without complicated script.
  • Learn the Unger Method™ to Trading System development, the same mathod that won and helped winning many World Cup Trading Championships® with real money.
  • Deepdive into each market and their peculiar characteristics.
  • Master the science of position sizing and money management: the keys to the vault.
  • Analyze your (and others') systems to understand if they're robust and when they stop working.
  • Manage your (automated) trading systems portfolio.
  • Private group with hundreds of proficient systematic traders.
  • Live weekly group coaching calls with Certified Coaches.
  • Dedicated app.
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Facts About The Program

What is One Year Target?

One Year Target is a training program consisting of a series of paper manuals and many interactive bonuses: an online coaching program that teaches you how to build your own automated trading systems and manage your portfolio of strategies.

Who needs it?

Newbie traders, Discretionary Traders who are not profitable, Profitable Traders who want to diversify. We have designed this program to help total beginners all the way to advanced users. Jump into the phase of the program that suits you best.

How does it work?

Once you become part of it, you'll be onboarded by your personal tutor and we'll post you all the paper manuals. In the meantime, you'll receive a username and password that allows you to log in to the member area and access the online content. Your tutor will show you all the bonuses offered and how to be added to the private student community with hundreds of active traders to help you in your journey. You'll also have access to weekly group coaching calls with our OYT Certified coaches and Trading Signals Service.

Where does it take place?

The paper manuals will be sent to your home while the bonus content is 100% online and can be taken at your own pace. Unlimited access is included to videos and some other bonuses and the program is available 24/7/365. Unlimited Coaching calls are included for the life of the product, or until Andrea becomes a monk.

Will it work for me?

As long as you have a computer, an internet connection, a good work ethic and sufficient trading capital, it can work for you. We have successful students from all around the world and that speak multiple languages.

How long does it take to complete?

That depends on you. Some students are trading within 6 months, others that are already trading can see an increase in profits even faster. You can choose to work slower or faster, totally up to you.

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One Year Target's Outline

When You Purchase One Year Target, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

  • What are the financial markets and their evolution
  • Technical Analysis, what charts represent and how to analyze them
  • Trading Costs
  • How to choose a reliable broker
  • Most used trading platforms

  • MultiCharts (and TradeStation) Software
  • PowerLanguage (and EasyLanguage) coding language
  • IQFeed datafeed
  • Interactive Brokers & other brokers
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)

  • Systematic Trading Foundations
  • The Universal Method to build effective strategies
  • Examples, tips and tricks

  • The most important metrics
  • How to understand when a system no longer works
  • How to do the technical and psychological analysis of a Performance Report
  • How to take advantage of Equity Curve Trading

  • What are the most profitable money management techniques
  • How to quantify the capital to invest
  • How to run Montecarlo simulations

  • Diversification as key
  • Characteristics of Trading Systems to use in a Portfolio
  • Correlation and System/Market/Portfolio Position Sizing

What's Waiting For You Inside One Year Target:

  • Lifetime access to One Year Target Training Program Paper Manuals delivered to your home


  • Lifetime access to One Year Target Videos, Audios and Slides
  • 1 year of weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Full access to the archives of all past Coaching Calls
  • TITAN lifetime license, your automated portfolio manager
  • 1-year access to our Investing Club
  • Lifetime access to One Year Target Private Community
  • $ 400 discount on the purchase of MultiCharts lifetime license and 90-day demo instead of 30 days
  • Access to iPhone and Android Unger Academy app
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